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Three Kids In One Room 3.0

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If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know we live in a small space here in New York City with our three children. Now home full time these past few months, I’ve received a ton of emails asking how we make it work. Here you go!

Living in this amount of square space, and with growing kids means I’m always changing things around to make it work. I’m a firm believer and always live by the phrase –where there is a will, there is a way. When Gemma was born, I really thought we would have to move out of New York and into a bigger space. But after speaking with my friend Melissa over at Project Nursery, she helped me create the perfect bedroom for my then five, two, and newborn. Since then, their room changed a few more times to cater to Ryder, Siella, and Gemma’s needs. I’m super excited to show you our new 3.0 version.

Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City


After months of research, I discovered a Triple Bunk Bed, that could actually fit in this space. It was pretty much the same size as their original Oeuf bunks except for the added height! The kids were psyched with this new addition. After lots of talking (and fighting) on which level they would have, Siella wound up with the top bunk, Gemma in the middle, and Ryder on the bottom bunk.

My good friend Chelsea from Sissy + Marley has been a huge influence and help for this reno as well! For years, I’ve been obsessed with the wall paper she created with Jill Malek, so we decided to start there. MARLEY + MALEK KIDS offers so many incredible prints. We decided on the Lucky Stars in silver because it works with my growing ten year, but still sweet enough for my five year old.

Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The CityThree Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The CityThree Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City

Ryder transitioned to the bottom bunk after being on the top so many years. That didn’t come without a compromise. Chelsea suggested this side storage option from Kartell. He loves it, and I’m obsessed that all his electronics, wires, books, junk can be tucked away in there.

Next, was the question as to what will we do with the furniture that we already have. For the original “Three Kids In One Room”, we purchased an Ikea Wardrobe, and added a second one after getting rid of Gemma’s changing table. I really like these wardrobes, because they actually have lots of space inside which stores all of their clothing. We decided to keep them but changed out the neutral doors to white. It’s amazing that just by changing the doors, the look is completely changed.

Since we no longer had an extra bed on the wall, there was room yet another wardrobe, and a desk! I purchased this wardrobe, also from Ikea but slightly different to hang their clothes. Their desk that was in our living room moved into the bedroom. I still could not believe the amount of space that was freed up just by losing that bed!

Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City

Window Treatments

Chelsea also encouraged me to change out the blinds in the bedroom. I have to be honest, I was a bit hesitant to do this since we do rent our apartment. But with a few inspirational photos she shared, I was calling the Shade Store to come and measure.

This process you guys was so seamless, and I really cannot recommend them more. In fact, I loved the work and the shades so much, that we used them for our living room reno too. (More to come in the next month). We went the Flat Roman linen shade with grey border and added the blackout option. I know this sounds crazy, but my kids are actually sleeping later because of the blackout feature. I couldn’t believe the difference they made in the room…a total game changer!

Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City


Next it was on to the decor, the fun part! Chelsea suggested keeping it simple with neutral colors likes blacks, whites, and greys.

This stripe rug is from Target, along with these black and white cloud print sheets, and these geometric print blankets. I added accent pillows from Famy Studio. I draped this faux fur rug on their lucite  desk chair, and I had to have these silver poufs, which have come in pretty handy for story time at night! The floor length mirror makes the room look a lot bigger from its angle!

Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The CityThree Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The CityThree Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City

Jess Brown Dolls – the girls have been collecting since they were little!

I couldn’t be more happier with the way this room came out! And there’s still two little things left to do.

Since I couldn’t part with our Tamar Mogendorff deer head, I am having her change the gold antlers to silver ones, and will be hanging that up. And, I am planning on framing a few photos of the kids to hang above their desk.

Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City

But overall, I am so in love with our new look and room, as the kids are too! A huge thank you to our friends at Sissy + Marley for the swoon worthy ideas, and really helping to make my vision come to life. Sissy + Marley offer an array of interior design services, and strong suggest you check them out if you are looking to remodel for space, apartment, even home!

Would love to hear what you guys think of our 3.0 version of Three Kids In One Room!?

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Three Kids In One Room 3.0 | Stroller In The City

shop the room HERE!

photography: Lauren Kara

*originally published 2019

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21 thoughts on “Three Kids In One Room 3.0”

  1. You really made incredible use of the space. I know that living in the city you have to trade off and you really made it work for your family. The color scheme you used helps open the space up and still feel cozy. Blackout curtains, especially in the city, were a must-have for me.

  2. This is absolutely perfection. And I totally agree that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” And as I say to myself about my kids in Manhattan, “you get to live in NYC, you don’t also get to have your own rooms ;)” Suxh an inspiring post!

  3. I have not seen a kids room look so monochromatic before, but I think I really like it! It totally elevates the space and keeps the home feeling modern while also being a place for kids to go to do their homework and sleep while maintaining the elegance of the rest of the house. Cool!!

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc

    The room and the decorations turned out pretty nice and functional. That was a great way to maximize the space.

  5. Love love love the new room!!! We have our 3 kids in a 7×9 room (converted the dining room into a small bedroom). At one point we had 2 cribs and a toddler bed in there, you had to walk through the room sideways to fit LOL!! Now we have the Ikea Kura with big bro on top and the twins on the floor. Been thinking about how to do it when the twins need proper twin mattresses (within the next 2 years). Not sure a triple decker bunk like yours will work since we have a ceiling fan though (and we need it). Been thinking about maybe a trifold twin mattress that folds up and out of the way during the day. Not sure… but LOVE your room, very inspiring, going to look into those blinds – we’re getting new windows in a couple of weeks so the timing is perfect since we gotta remove the current blinds (the scary kind with cords, I’ve just had them pulled up and tied away since we moved in 5 years ago LOL)

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    1. Hello! We have about 8ft too and would say my youngest can sit up on the top bunk and it’s not the most roomiest up there but she doesn’t seem to mind and loves it. Hope that helps.

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