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Professional Outdoor Lighting

As most of my readers know by now, we bought a home outside of New York City for weekends and the summer months. We’re absolutely loving it, but as you know when it comes to owning a home nothing is ever complete and there’s always a project. While our home has come together amazingly well, there was one area that still needed help and that was outdoor lighting for the front porch and backyard. I enlisted the professional outdoor lighting services of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. With their help, we were able to transform our outdoor space into something truly gorgeous.

Booking a Consultation

My husband and I decided that was no better time to finally make our outdoor space as beautiful as our home’s interior. We looked at several different lighting specialists, and we finally decided on Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. They’re a full-service professional outdoor lighting company, so we knew they could satisfy all of our needs, and after our initial consultation, we were convinced that we’d made the right decision. Professional landscape lighting is something I didn’t know much about going into this process, but the customer service is phenomenal! The quality of the products are like nothing I’ve ever seen and the light fixtures for outdoor living are now making it so we can spend the entire summer outside- even after it gets dark. Add path lights if you need extra lighting by the driveway in the form of accent lights.

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Lighting Scheme

The company sent out a professional outdoor designer, and they walked our property with us, discussing what we wanted to achieve and the kind of custom lighting scheme that could help us do that. We also took advantage of their one-time demonstration. Our specialist set up fixtures with battery packs in the spots that we discussed to give us an approximate visual of what our finished lighting scheme would look like.

Accent Fixtures

Ground lights, curb lights, step lights and an accent fixture will all give off a different intensity of light, so it was nice to see them all together to get the full picture. We wanted to avoid it looking like an airport runway and our outdoor lighting fixtures softer. The staff has years of experience and it’s evident they are incredibly knowledgeable about the unique fixtures and great products. Outdoor spaces have different areas such as an outdoor kitchen, front patio, etc. so each area needs specialized lighting.

We loved the professionalism and expertise of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, but we also loved that our professional outdoor lighting will be as efficient and affordable as it is beautiful. In addition to premium fixtures and custom designs, all of their systems are low-voltage, so they’ll only cost us pennies a day to make our outdoor space absolutely gorgeous. The best way to enjoy your time in the summer, is to make sure your lighting is good and trustworthy!

Peace of mind is also an added bonus of using this company for us, as well. All of their technicians and installers are certified and experienced, and they understand the meticulous nature of setting up outdoor lighting like this. They take the time to help owners plan how to maximize the beauty of their property through lighting, and they also offer ongoing service and maintenance with Shine365. It’s a limited lifetime warranty to keep their systems working as well and looking as great as they do on the day they’re installed.

Our outdoor areas are now as gorgeous as our home interior, and we absolutely love it. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives combined expert design and installation with the highest quality fixtures to make our professional outdoor lighting some of the best I’ve ever seen. If you’re thinking about adding lighting accents to your lawn or garden areas, give Outdoor Lighting Perspectives a look. I can’t recommend them enough. Excited to offer all SITC readers 2 additional free lights when you purchase 12 or more by mentioning the code BRIANNE2!

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