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The Secret To Keeping Babies Warm During NYC Winters

New York City winters can have mixed reviews. Some New Yorker think our winters are long and cold, while some appreciate a good snow fall. In my opinion there is nothing more magical than a snow covered Central Park. Of course, as a lifelong city girl, I could be biased.  New York City winters are absolute wonderlands of natural and manmade beauty.

But yes our winters are also cold. They can be bone-chilling, finger and toe-numbing, frigid affairs that leave you bundled up in thick clothing, heavy coats, and walking around with coffee or hot cocoa in your hands at all times. For adults, that’s fine. We can handle the cold as long as we’re properly layered. But how do bundle up your baby!

We all know that babies need to be kept warm. Their little bodies can’t handle the frozen tundra that is New York City in the wintertime. During the winter, going out with small children becomes a game of strategy, trying to gauge the weather, the wind, how many blankets to use, how to best buffer them from the wind – it goes on and on. It’s an incredibly important part of keeping our kids safe when the weather is so cold out.

That’s why I love the Blanket 212 Evolution and have for years. It’s the best thing I’ve seen for keeping your little ones nice and toasty from their adorable heads to their cute footsies. This “blanket” is more of a baby burrito, wrapping the children from head to do in a water-repellent cocoon of coziness. It’s expandable, so it grows with your baby, and it features easy to use hook and loop attachments the fit any stroller. It also has a removable panel to reduce the amount of fabric between the baby and harness when it’s time to put them in a car seat.

In addition to the super coziness and safety, I also love how stylish the Blanket 212 Evolution is. It’s designed with function and fashion in mind, coming in three great colors – Light Heather Gray, Light Heather Gray, and Light Heather Gray with Stars. It’s the perfect way to keep baby cozy, comfy, and stylish all winter long.

If you’re a parent trying to keep your little one warm during the cold New York City winters, I highly encourage you to give the Blanket 212 Evolution a look. I used their blankets with my children, and I can’t recommend them enough. 

* Originally published February 11th 2020

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