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Wallpaper You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wallpaper is back and better than ever! You can get pretty much any design you’re looking for these days. It really is a great way to add dimension and fun to any space. The girls loved helping me pick out the wallpaper for our home out east! Who knew that could be such a fun family activity?! Anthropologie has 7 pages of options! It’s even fun to just do an accent wall of wallpaper. I found 14 different wallpaper designs to show you all, I’d love to know which one is your favorite!

Something that I look for when it comes to wallpaper is it’s versatility. I want to make sure that anything I bring into the space will work well with it. Sometimes that doesn’t work for bright colors or patters, but mixing and matching never hurt anyone! And, of course, if you’d like to stick with neutrals, there are a plethora of choices to make these days! Sometimes, a little bit of texture is just what we need, not even a splash of color. Adding texture to the space can help make it feel larger and tie in things like pillows or furniture accents.

I’m biased, but I have to say that my favorite wallpaper is from LoveShackFancy. I am a sucker for a good vintage looking design and it’s a style that I find to be truly timeless. With different shades and floral patterns, there are so many options to choose from! Here’s a photo of the wallpaper we put in my house out east last summer and to say I’m now obsessed with this bathroom would be a severe understatement!

How do you feel about wallpaper?

This post was originally published September 2021.

Obviously I have to begin with the LoveShackFancy wallpaper! This is the exact one I have at my house and I love it more every day!
The ombre look adds so much texture and dimension to the room. And the pink is super fun, right?!
This is a great option if you’re looking for something neutral, with added texture. It really transforms the space while keeping it muted.
This is perfect for a kid’s room! I mean, I’d even get it as an adult, it’s just too cute! I love the bright colors, I think it’s such a fun way to add color into your space.
This is another stunning vintage-feeling wallpaper option! It really is so classic and dainty.
Here is another great textured option. I love the peoonies, I think they are such a stunning, feminine touch and the texture is perfect!
This is a great choice if you’re looking for something solid with a little bit of texture! It has just enough texture to it and is such a stunning color.
This is really cool because it looks like it has texture, but it’s really just the design! It adds a ton of dimension to the space while remaining neutral.
If you’re on the hunt for a metallic vibe, this is for you! It’s the perfect amount shimmer, yet is very versatile for any space.
How could I come across a city skyline design and not include it?! This is super cute for a kid’s room or an office and it’s removable to it’s not hard to take down!
I love this wallpaper so much that we have it in the kids NYC bedroom. Marley & Malek Kids has so many gorgeous options for all personality types.
This dainty design so easily enhances any space. Seen here in a children’s room adding gorgeous texture.
If you’re looking for a subtle but elegant tough, this is the design for you. This adds sophisticated texture to any room.
For anyone who loves stripes but doesn’t want it to look harsh, this is perfect for you! It’s super soft and neutral while adding great dimension to the room.

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26 thoughts on “Wallpaper You Didn’t Know You Needed”

  1. I really like these picks. I’ve always loved the vibe of wallpaper. I know it’s not necessarily as popular as it used to be, but I love the look.

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