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Brianne Manz On Medela Recycles

Breastfeeding is a unique gift that all mothers should have the opportunity to experience, and especially because breastmilk is like medicine to premature babies, it’s important to support NICU moms and ensure their pumping success. Medela Recycles April Ambassador Brianne Manz sat down with us to share how her own breastfeeding journey led to her involvement with the Medela Recycles program and how other moms can support and help each other.

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Brianne Manz is a bit of a magical creature. She is a beautiful muse in fashionably flowing frocks with cascading hair and captivating eyes. Brianne appears as though she was put on earth to inspire — and inspire she does.

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Brianne Manz left a career in fashion to stay home with her three little ones. In addition to being Mom, she also runs the busy and successful blog Stroller In The City. Read on to see how she this NYC mom stays on top of it all

Mommy Bloggers Share The Most Important Thing They Teach Their Kids 

We asked 12 mommy bloggers what’s the most important thing they want their kids to learn, here are their answers…..

Moms Who Inspire-Brianne Manz

Today , we have the pleasure of featuring Brianna, from Stroller in the City. We have known Brianne since the very beginning of our launch of Louis B Boutique, and we have truly enjoyed getting to know her and her family. Brianna is honestly one of the sweetest moms, who worked with us and we have stayed in touch ever since……..


The day I was born a mother was 5 1/2 years ago. It feels like only yesterday I just became a mom and it’s really hard to imagine my life before than. My water broke 6 days before my delivery date……..

Kim Kardashian Blog

Love this feature for Stroller In The City by Brianna Manz. Check out the full article here. Her daughters look so adorable in Kardashian Kids. So precious Xo!


This season we searched the internet high and low to find moms with just the right touch of cool and asked them to join us as part of a new initiative program for Appaman. We have coined these fearlessly fabulous group of bloggers the AppaMoms. We’d like to take this moment to welcome them and all their awesomeness: Mom GenerationsPop Street Kidz and Stroller in the City [applause]. We highly recommend you give them a follow and check out their blogs to learn what they are all about!

Morning Musings: Well Rounded

New York City women are pretty resilient. We’ve got that whole “If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere”-thing going on…and that goes double for motherhood. But even the toughest of us sometimes need a little pick-me-up on those days when we’re tempted to pick up and move to the burbs — a little reminder that if she can do it, so can I.

Moms Taking Advantage of Mobile Technology – Verizon

Brianne Manz, founder of Stroller in the City and regular contributor to MomTrends, is a mom of three who understands the benefits of using technology to manage family life. While blogging daily about city living, kids, fashion and all things mommy, she is also running around town with her kids, so it’s essential for her to stay connected when in transit……….

An Interview with New York City’s Top 20 Bloggers

Where can you find the best playground in NYC? My family and I live in Battery Park City and I think the ultimate playground in NYC lies on Pier 25. The pier extends onto the Hudson River and features a huge playground, water park, volley ball court, mini golf, and skating ramps. 2 What is NYCs Best Hidden Gem Family-Friendly Attraction? Well, it is not so hidden but I would say Central Park. There are so many things to do from Boat rides, Central Park Zoo, Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, or just having a picnic on the great lawn………….

My Daily Bubble

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! Hard to believe the holidays are well behind us and we are officially into the New Year. If you are like me, and like to dress your little ones in the colors of reds and pinks to celebrate this day of love, then you probably have already started shopping. Remember Valentine’s Day does not have to be for dressing up your girls, but for boys as well! Here are my favorite picks for both……

Target Bullseye View Blog

Go beyond bows and pretty paper with a few, fun ideas from Jonna, who’s sharing seven ideas (and a few GIFs) in our gift wrapping guide with Brianne from Stroller in the City!

Time Out New York Kids Blogger Series

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Ruum News Letter Q&A with Stroller In The City

Out with the Old with Stroller in the City’s Brianne Manz

We love following Brianne’s beautiful family around the city on her blog, so we couldn’t help but be curious about how she handles what goes and what stays with a family of three……


Our Love-it List for Brianne Manz, blogger at Stroller In The City Check out our Love-it List for Brianne Manz, blogger at Stroller In The City…..

Blogging from New York – Interview with Stroller in the City

I have always been fascinated by everything related with New York City. Now that I simply have no money or chance to travel to Big Apple anymore, I was happy to find a blog by Brianne Manz, a newyorkian with an eye for good blogging and nice kid’s fashion. She was kind enough to answer a few questions…….


Sunday Inspiration: Looking for the perfect café – part II. Today, we continue our chase for the perfect mother-kids-café.  Last time we were looking around in Wien and Graz (thanks to Martina and Daniela again for telling us about their favorite cafés)….

My Transition from 2 Kids to 3

Just two months ago, I became a mom of three — a son (four-and-a-half), daughter (almost two), and baby girl (eight weeks). We always wanted three kids, so now I feel truly blessed with the feeling that our family is finally complete.

Manhattan Mom: Stroller in the City

When you see her in a pair of big sunglasses and a great maxi dress, three adorable kids in tow, it’s pretty clear that Brianne Manz has the city mom thing down pat. Her blog, Stroller in the City, is proof of her legwork. It’s a go-to guide for New York shopping, restaurants, parks, museums, and all manner of things to do in New York City with kids, and we consider it an invaluable resource. – See more at: http://www.elizabethstreet.com/living/brianne-manz-on-things-to-do-with-kids-in-new-york-city#sthash.fmfMA4Xh.dpuf

Kidsy Insider Profile: Meet Brianne of Stroller in the City

We are so excited to announce the launch of our Kidsy Insider Program. Through this program, we are working with some stellar bloggers who will be bringing you their pictures journals as they showcase playdates from Kidsy and activities with their kids around NYC…

Chic Mama: Brianne Manz

NAME: Brianne Manz | OCCUPATION: Blogger of Stroller In the City and former fashion showroom owner | RESIDENCE: Battery Park, NYC | PERSONAL STYLE: Hippie chic

Uber Chic, Extra Comfy: A Mom’s Guide to Spring Fashion

My entire “before children” life consisted of fashion school and a career in the fashion industry; so it is needless to say that fashion has always been one of my passions. Up until the birth of my son, I owned a women’s showroom. After selling the showroom, I felt so removed from the fashion industry. Missing that part of me, I think I channeled all of my “fashion energy” into my own kid’s clothing. In doing so, two things I quickly realized….there was a huge void in the market for little boys clothes, and I was beyond over the baby blue color palettes and onesies for them.

AFTER: Small Shared Space Makeover

I am so excited to finally reveal the much-anticipated Project Nursery “Three Kids in One Room” project. The brilliant Melisa Fluhr, co-founder of Project Nursery, initially suggested I move away from dark wood furniture since the room was on the smaller side. At first, I had concerns that it wouldn’t match the rest of the apartment, but having seen the results, I couldn’t be happier that we went that direction.

Santa Scan: Holiday App for Behavior Management

I just love the holiday season time of year even more now being a mom. The magic of the holidays lights up in my children’s eyes. There are just so many traditions and activities to do with your little ones. – See more at: http://www.kindertown.com/santa-scan-holiday-app-for-behavior-management/#sthash.UrKLcZ7U.dpuf