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Three Kids In One Room {The Sequel}

As most of you know we adore living in New York City, but lack of space is a definite downside. With the many perks of living downtown, we have been willing to sacrifice our apartment size. I’ve learned to make our limited foot print work, by carving out a playroom section of our living room for the kids, and somehow manage to have Ryder, Siella, and Gemma all share a single bedroom. Sleep can definitely sometimes be an issue, but I’ve learned that staggering bedtimes make it work, and the constant rotation of clothing for each season help to keep drawers from overflowing.

 before 2013:

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

Just before Gem was born, I completely overhauled our second bedroom to accommodate all three kids. I worked with Project Nursery, who helped me with the lay out. Together, we determined the best floor plan, which allowed bunk beds for the bigs, along with a coordinating crib and changer for our new baby. The room never looked so good, and to this day, I am still shocked how we manage to make this work in a 100 square foot space.

before 2015:

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One BedroomMaking Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

Now as they are growing older, and Gemma’s time in a conversion crib comes to an end, it’s time for a few tune ups in their room. I didn’t want to part with the tree and bird wall art behind their bunk bed, and I am still obsessed with my Tamar Morgendorff fabric deer head. Our Numi Numi crib has been converted into a toddler bed for over a year, and we moved its matching changing table into storage, replacing it with the identical upright armoire, which Ry and Siella share.

after 2016:

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

For more changes in the kids room, I sought guidance from Land of Nod, as I truly adore their style inspiration, especially from all the witty suggestions they offered when making over our playroom. With just one look at the bedroom, they advised that we add a throw rug, and some sheer curtains, which certainly updated the room the minute we added these pieces. Ryder and Siella’s bedding graduated from superheroes and baby prints to big boy and girl pillows and duvets.

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

Since Gemma’s crib is no longer a four walled, I wanted to make it feel like a bed, so we added Land Of Nod’s Modern Chic Crib Bedding in pink, along with this fun Initial Pillow (I got one for each child to tie it in), a Heart Sketch pillow, and my favorite this Little Ballerina with Tutu, for each girl. Since both of their beds are the first thing you see when entering the room, I really tried to focus on coordinating the same colors. For Siella, I went with the same duvet cover, except in twin size, but also added a pop of neon with these sheets. They actually love their new beds so much, they even switch beds on some nights. Or Gemma gets to “sleepover” Siella’s bed, and their share. It’s pretty cute.

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

For Ryder, I fell in love with Land Of Nod’s Camper Series and I knew he would too. The pillows make the bedding come to life, and in sticking with a neutral color duvet, I thought this Grey and White Duvet would tie in perfectly with the girls bedding.

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

I ordered this Honey Comb Wall Shelf, which was ideal for displaying all of their little trinkets, lego displays, and little play doh creatures. I was drawn to this design because it can be added to in the future, if we ever choose to expand.

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

For the time being, the rest of the room remains the same. The kids love their new additions, because its so much more lively than their former plain white baby room.

Making Small Spaces Work: Three Kids In One Bedroom

You always think how the grass is greener on the other side, and how it would be amazing if someday all three can have their own bedrooms, but the funny thing is when we do give them the option of having separate rooms, on those weeks in the summer when we rent a house out east, they all choose to stay in one room. I know this solution of having them all in one room won’t last forever, but for now, it will have to do. And you know what, they are happy. If I only I can freeze time right about now.

Thank you to Land Of Nod for the design inspiration and providing a few pieces for our makeover.

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7 thoughts on “Three Kids In One Room {The Sequel}”

  1. We entertained the notion of moving to Manhattan recently and for my husband a big negative was the lack of space… How are housing the matter what it looked like would be tiny. That was a positive for me. As you say with your girls I grew up in a home where we each had our own bedroom – – I still slept with one of my sisters most nights anyway 🙂

  2. Beautiful!!! We have our kids sharing a room for the summer because of air conditioning in one room not working well enough. It’s so sweet to see them go back to being summer BFFs. Love they updates you did!!!! Looks fresh and so roomy!

  3. Love the simplicity of it all! My kids (now 11 and 9) only asked to seperate recently. Now that it’s summer, they “camp out” in each other’s rooms!

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