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Books You Won’t Want To Put Down

It’s that time of the month where I update my library! I look forward to this every few weeks because it is such a great way to escape into the world of imagination for at least a couple minutes a day. If you can read for 10 minutes a day, it’s so much better than none. I have some great choices this month and, as always, there’s something here for everyone!

Happy reading!

Nicholas Sparks is at it again with a great novel! Maggie is sent to the Outer Banks for the summer where she falls in love with Bryce, who introduces her to photography. Years later, she is a renowned photographer in NYC, but she finds herself reminiscing on that summer.
Ivy is newly divorced and purchases an old farmhouse that is left full of junk. She finds a beautiful santa suit in the closet and discovers a note in it from a young girl who wished her father home from the war. She is determined to find this family.
Marie de France is said to be too rough to be married, so she is sent off to be the new prioress of a poverty stricken place. Will she find love in her new collective life?
If your mother went missing and the most obvious suspect was your father, would you call the police? The Delaneys have it all, they’re a picture perfect family. But when a stranger knocks on their door asking for help and she and the mother go missing, what do the kids do?
Alice asks a man she just met to travel to Rome with her, while her best friend Eileen flirts with a childhood friend to get over a breakup. In a world where there’s pain, pleasure and heartbreak, can these 4 people believe in the beauty that remains?
Lala’s grandmother tells the story of what happened to her sister–and what happens to girls who disobey their mothers and go into the mysterious Baxter’s Tunnels. A chain of unfortunate events take place and two men have to go into the tunnels to attempt a crime to risk their freedom.
Bridget and Will are the best of friends whom everyone thinks would make the perfect couple. They started a chamber group at Juilliard. When Bridget gets dumped and her elderly father has to plan a wedding, she gets the band back together! What will happen with her and Will?
Jeanie and Julius still live with their mother at 51 years old in a cottage where they never have to leave because they grow food in their garden. When their mother passes and the landlord comes knocking, will they have to enter the modern world on their own?
In 18th century London, a secret apothecary creates potions for women to use against oppressive men, but a 12 year old makes a mistake that begins serious consequences for centuries to come. In modern day London, a historian Caroline stumbles upon clues to this mysterious apothecary situation. Events begin to unfold, and not everyone will make it.
Laila becomes an orphan at age 23 and 3 glamorous cousins show up to the funeral from New York. She leaves Michigan to enter their wealthy world of NYC and once she learns more about her estranged father, she is ready to claim what is rightfully hers.
Four friends have a difficult childhood, but always had memorable summers in Montauk. Until, one summer night, everything changes. They separate for 12 years after the incident and decide to head to Montauk one last time to save their friendships, but tragedy strikes again and this time, they have to confront it.
Austin is barely a teen when her mom passes away while giving birth to twins. It’s now up to her to raise her six siblings while falling in love with a wealthy boy. But her father publicly cracks open family secrets and things start to fall apart.
Laurie falls in love at first sight with a man, through a misty bus window. She spends a whole year trying to find him, when her friend introduces him to her at a party–as her new boyfriend! him
Hannah has no idea what she wants to do with her life and moves back to her hometown of Los Angeles. She goes out one night and runs into her high school boyfriend who asks if he can give her a ride home. Different scenarios play out as we see which decisions she makes and how her life can turn out differently in each of them.
Orphaned and left with horrible foster parents, Cupcake has to now learn how to survive. She experiences hardship and makes risky decisions that lead up to her landing her 9-5. This memoir will have you laughing and crying.

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