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Our Spring Baby Essentials

It’s been quite some time since we chatted all things new baby and important items for them. Firstly, in my opinion, you can never have too many baby burp cloths or cute outfits, it’s pretty easy to find a use for everything. Especially with how much of a mess babies can create. As seasons change, you find yourself needing different things for daily use. For instance, maybe you live in an area where you can’t really take walks in the winter and now you need the perfect stroller and essential pieces for the warmer months. Furthermore, if you’re a new mom and don’t know where to begin, this is a great place to start!

I’ve had 3 kids and know an essential item when I see it. I love to highlight new finds and elevate small business where I can for newborn baby essentials and the most important things for little ones. New parents to newborn babies or parents just looking for baby product recommendations for the spring season, this roundup is a collection of some of my long time favorites and recent finds! Here are the best products for your little ones for the arrival of warmer weather.

spring baby essentials

Strollers and Accessories

Firstly, let’s begin with the most important item for spring weather: the stroller. We’ve been cooped up inside all winter and it’s time to get some sunshine and fresh air. Never underestimate the importance of stroller accessories. While the stroller and baby carrier themselves are so essential for the season, the accessories that come along with it are some absolute life savers. They are there to help you, not take up space, think of it that way. Specifically, you can fit so many items in them and often times, they are multi-functional. For instance, a cup holder doesn’t have to hold a cup, it can hold a phone or a bottle.

In cold temperatures, breathable materials to protect your baby’s skin from the harsh wind or rain are an ideal way to add on to your stroller, while still getting some fresh air. It’s a great way to go on a walk on colder days, but keep your baby warm and it’s there for safety reasons. April showers bring May flowers, so the warmth and sunshine are coming!

spring baby essentials


Secondly, we all know how much I love to shop for clothes. Just thinking about a little baby sun hat is so precious to me! And as sad as it is when babies outgrow their apparel, there is a part of me that gets excited for the new ones they get to wear! For example, sweet little sweaters and bloomers scream spring baby fashion to me! It’s even cuter if you or your other children match with your little one.

Moreover, we don’t necessarily have to focus on fashion, but why wouldn’t we at least a little? It’s fun! For example, a first time parent might only want to invest in high quality pieces for their little bundle of joy because they are planning on having more children, so the clothes can be used for multiple children. I personally love baby rompers, organic cotton materials and adorable prints for spring! Baby bodysuits or onesies are things you can never have enough of and they are made to go under any outfit so these will be your very best friend this spring.

spring baby essentials

Miscellaneous Necessities

Finally, this can be anything from sun protection to baby wipes, safe cleaning products and breathable fabric. But I think at the top of the list are items ideal for transportation. It’s easy to get into the habit of staying in the house in the winter because it is so cold and taking newborns out of the house can feel scary, especially if it’s your first baby. Shade options, diaper bags and hygiene products are a few essential things to have on hand for your baby.

We do lots of walking in both the spring and summer, so I have a go-to diaper bag and my favorite stroller and we head on our way! Really taking the time to think about the items that will make your life easier for their first few months of life makes the world of a difference and this time of year is great to experiment with new products because the weather is so nice and we can get outside to be on the go more.


Moreover, we are major Swifties, so when we heard there’s actually a lullaby rendition of her music on Spotify, we knew we had to include it in here! Rock your baby to sleep with the sweet versions of your favorite Taylor Swift songs.

spring baby essentials

baby spring necessities

UVC LED Sanitizer // Humidifier // Stroller Pouch // Bouncer // Stroller Umbrella // Stroller Fan // Carseat // Drying Rack // Stroller // Portable Sound Machine // Baby Wrap // Milk Warmer // Hip Carrier // Stroller Cup Holder // Baby Food Maker 

Baby Gear to Shop:


baby essentials

Bottle Set // Silicone Dinnerware // Knit Beige Onesie // Swaddle Wraps // Newborn Starter Kit // Sweater // Sunscreen // Strawberry Onesie // Sunglasses // Baby Pool // Socks // Jar Storage Set


Baby Products to Shop:



spring baby essentials

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spring baby essentials
spring baby essentials

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