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Aurora Anguilla – The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway

As we trudge through the winter months, our minds will often to wonder to memories of beautiful days on the beach. Sometimes just shifting our mindset to a warm climate or days isn’t quite enough, and we need to getaway. So if we were going to escape the cold for a few days, what would be that perfect Caribbean getaway. Some have argued that Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club may take that prize, and having recently experienced it first hand, I think I would have to agree! It offers a family-friendly atmosphere, outstanding views, gorgeous beaches, and tons of activities for both adults and kids alike. 
aurora anguilla travel
Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club has undergone a multimillion-dollar transformation and reopened in Dec 2021. Now managed by Salamander Hotels & Resorts, it offers a collection of world-class amenities, restaurants & lounges. This is a 27,000-square-foot spa, and the recently re-imagined Aurora International Golf Club, which is the island’s only club, featuring the addition of a new 9-hole Signature Short Course, with a variety of shot angles, distances, and design elements.
aurora anguilla travel
aurora anguilla travel
aurora anguilla travel
aurora anguilla travel

Getting There

When flying down to most Caribbean destinations from New York, you can almost always expect to layover in Miami or Puerto Rico for your outbound. This added flight time and hassle may often deter the urge for a quick getaway with idea of spending extra time in airports, or the fear of lost checked baggage when changing planes. When researching the Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club, we learned that they offer direct charter service out of Westchester County Airport (HPN) White Plaines into Anguilla Clayton J Lloyd Airport (AXA). The thought of landing in paradise in less than 4 hours of leaving New York was a major draw. And for folks who live down south, the resort offers charters from Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) for the same amazing private charter experience. While the charter service was incredible, its not the only way to fly to the Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club. Guests can certainly opt for flights for direct commercial flights from Miami and short transfer flights from major cities. We were fortunate enough to take Aurora’s Direct Charter out of Westchester, and let me just say it was fantastic. With few passengers, we enjoyed quicker boarding times, thorough on board service and top notch meals.
aurora anguilla travel
aurora anguilla travel


Aurora is located right next to Rendezvous Bay in beautiful Anguilla, British West Indies. Following our 25 minute cab ride from the airport, we were greeted by amazing views of lush greenery and manicured grounds. The lobby open on both ends looks out onto the massive swimming pool with a view of the Caribbean Sea and hills of neighboring islands.

aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel


From the lobby, we were escorted to our beachfront adjoining junior suites. With massive sliders out to our private patio and views of the sea, you almost feel like there is no need to leave the room! And considering how large the rooms were, it was tempting! I mean, for a family of five, these rooms were ideal, even with plenty of room for a roll away bed for the kids. Side note, its always an argument who gets the roll away, so its only fair that they alternate each night. For larger families or groups, Aurora offers villas with three or five bedrooms. Room for everyone!!aurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travel

Once we were settled, we made our way around the property. I especially loved how the resort was comprised of two sides: the Rendezvous Bay side and the Merrywing Bay side. Our accommodations were on Rendezvous, but that didn’t keep us from taking a short shuttle or golf cart ride to the Merrywing to discover their restaurants, pool and beach.

aurora anguilla travel

aurora anguilla travel


The kids love spending time in the pool or on the beach, but sometimes they get a little antsy. They loved the beach volleyball and soccer at Aurora Anguilla.  For younger guests, the resort offers children’s activities like a play area and water park. And you heard it here first, Aurora is currently in the process of building a massive waterpark set to open in a few months, and by the looks of it now, I can tell you it will rival most waterparks I’ve been to for kids or adults.

aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel

While we are not a golf family, we couldn’t help being taken back by the 18 holes on the resort’s golf course. You couldn’t escape the sweeping view of rolling hills or beautiful sea from any of the greens and fairways. Quite a different backdrop from courses back home. Since golf wasn’t our jam, Jason and I kept after our workout routines, taking advantage of Rise and Shine Yoga and spin classes at the fitness center.

aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel

To take in the island’s beauty, there is always the option of kayaking the beautiful waters, taking cave tours or guided coastline hikes, snorkeling, boat excursions and so much more!

aurora anguilla travel


With six separate restaurants and bars offering everything from locally-sourced fair to delicious authentic Asian and Asian-fusion cuisine, Aurora Anguilla has something to offer for every palette. Each dining option features seasonal, chef-curated menus inspired by Aurora’s 10,000 square feet of hydroponic gardens growing produce, herbs, and fruit that are harvested and prepared daily. Here are some of the restaurants below…

aurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travel

Each morning, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the Chef’s Table. With fresh juices and pastries, eggs to order and plenty more, starting our day in this open air restaurant was so beautiful refreshing.


aurora anguilla travel sure how it happened, but my kids are obsessed with sushi. The last thing we expected to find at the resort was a dedicated sushi restaurant, but Tokyo Bay was just that. With fish sourced locally and all over the world, this meal was by far our favorite of the week.

aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel

D Richard’s Steakhouse is located in the Aurora International Golf Club, and its the only steakhouse on this island. With cuts like filet, ribeye and tomahawk, the kids went to town. And, their wine list offered some special pairings for the grown ups at our table.

After a delicious dinner, Aurora offered  some great live music shows at the amphitheater and in lobby. What a way to bring the day to a close!

aurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travel

Hydroponic Farm 

I mentioned it briefly earlier, but Aurora Anguilla’s self-sustaining hydroponic farm is the main source of the resort’s dining options. The farm offers farm’s daily harvest of pristine vegetables, fruit and herbs which the property’s chef incorporate into the food and cocktail. In fact, nearly 90% are cultivated on the massive farmland directly on site. Tours of the hydroponic farm are available to guests, and while one wouldn’t consider spending time in a greenhouse part of a Caribbean vacation, you could not help but be impressed by the variety of produce and sheer magnitude of the operation.

aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel aurora anguilla travel


I had the opportunity to escape my family for a few hours to enjoy the spa. What a treat it was! Sorana Spa offer treatments to meet your every need. From 24k Gold Age-Defying Facial using ingredients that regenerate skin cells, to a Beach Stone Massage to melt away stress and tension, or an Ocean Skin Brightening Ritual that leaves you glowing skin from head to toe. With hair and nail services and enhancements, you’ll walk away feeling like an even better you.

aurora anguilla travelaurora anguilla travel

Discount Code for your stay! 

Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a nature lover, a foodie or simply a beach lounger, Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club has something for you and your family. And with the option of Aurora private charter routes, you can enjoy less time at the airport, and more time in paradise. And check this out! Use my code BRIANNE20 to unlock 20% discount on the Best Available Rate, with NO minimum stay required (subject to availability).

Thank you Aurora Anguilla for hotel and accommodations! 

*This post was originally published March 28th, 2023*

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39 thoughts on “Aurora Anguilla – The Ultimate Caribbean Getaway”

      1. Hi would love to stay at Aurora in July but I can’t find anywhere on the Aurora’s website to get 20% discount. Please advise on how can I get the discount.
        How is the room condition at Merrywing bay? Debating whether to stay at R Bay side or Merrywing side. Thank you

        1. We stayed on the Rendezvous side. Both are all renovated and amazing. Both beaches were gorgeous and stunning. The Merrywing side was more quiet when we were there, and theres a tower of more traditional rooms over there as well. For the promo code when you go on the website and book theres a space to put the code. If you cannot find, I believe you can call and they will honor it. 😉

  1. What a beautiful place. This is a beautiful place where I wanna be in right now! Lovely photos too with your whole family.

  2. Marie Cris Angeles

    Wow! You all look had fun, and the place you’d stay is so beautiful too. My family loves also the beach. Btw all your picture is so great!

  3. I’ve never heard of Aurora before, although I’ve only been to the Carribean a few times. I wish I was somewhere with a bit of sunshine and heat right about now, this looks like a great getaway x

  4. Melissa Cushing

    Loving all of the pictures and looks like you had a lovely family vacation! I so will have to check this place out as everything looks amazing 😉

  5. Oh wow. You chose the perfect vacation destination! I haven’t been to the beach in like eternity but I would love to do so soon. Next time I plan for a beach getaway, I am going to go big time and head for the Caribbean… and I am going to stay at the Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club too.

  6. Gorgeous destination! The beaches are just breathtaking…I’d never want to leave! The weather looks so perfect too…so happy you had a wonderful vaca!

  7. The place looks stunningly beautiful! I’ve been craving for some sun and fun for quite a while now, and I’m definitely adding this to my list of must-visit places. Thanks for sharing this amazing spot!

  8. Wow this looks like the perfect place to go: beautiful beaches, an amazing hotel, and the plane ride doesn’t seem too bad either (with a layover in Miami to explore!!!) Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful pics or you and your precious Children!!!! found the promo code on the website. Did you rent a care to get around? If so which company? It looks as the room rate does not include breakfast buffet. My husband and I are debating between Zemi, Four Seasons, Truanquility or Aurora resort. So many options. Please share your thoughts. Which restaurants a must place to eat? Love seafood and chicken. Our first time to Anguilla. We want a beautiful clear ocean water beach, good service, modern clean room, gym and good restaurant’s to eat. Thank you so much !

    1. Hiiii Thank you for reaching out. We absolutely loved Aurora! The beach, rooms, food were all beyond. We loved the sushi restaurant – definitely a favorite. There are two wings to the property- it’s pretty big – so for lunch everyday we headed over to the Merrywing side to Eventide. Since we were only there for a few nights we didn’t rent a car, but if you call the hotel they can definitely arrange for a car rental. The Moke’s are the coolest so try to get one of those for sure. As for breakfast – I would call them and I bet they would be able to include! Hope this helps. Please reach out if I can help in any other way.

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