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Trick or Treating

Who doesn’t love Halloween? The crisp weather, changing leaves, hay rides, haunted houses and plenty of pumpkin picking. Mystery and mischief are ripe in the air. Ever since I was a little kid, Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays. All the costumes, parties and parades, and let’s not forget the bags full of goodies!

Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City

It is so fun pretending to be a superhero, goblin, or princess and my kids typically start kicking around ideas for Halloween costumes two months before the big day. They plan, and scheme, and circle all of the different characters in the old-fashioned Halloween costume catalog. This year, Gemma is going as a witch, with a funky hat and broom bigger than her. Siella will be Wonder Woman, because she is all about girl power. And Ryder will be decked out as one of the characters from the Fortnite game. I’m still a little unclear on the details of this costume, but he is very excited, nonetheless. Jason and I have a costume party as well, so any suggestions on what we should be, please send along!

Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City

The week leading up to Halloween, I get all my snacks ready for trick-or-treaters. This year, I picked up Welch’s® Halloween Fruit Snacks. With shapes like bats, witches, ghosts, haunted castles and pumpkins, packaged in Halloween-themed box and pouches, they are PERFECT for the season. Welch’s® Halloween Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit, are gluten-free, fat-free, and contain no preservatives, and usually make an appearance way before Halloween for playdates and a costume parties like the one we had last week.

Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City

Our apartment building is our favorite Halloween stop, because in a high-rise with 35 floors is plenty to round out their yummy haul. Some of the residents go ALL OUT, converting their floors into spooky haunted hallways. And after our building, we usually head to Tribeca for a more neighborhood vibe. The stores go all out, and it has become such a great tradition.

Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City

And since I am usually trick or treating with the kids, I’ll leave a festive bowl out like this one with a little note to say “please take one” in front of our door. These Welch’s® Halloween Fruit Snacks are also so easy to tote around that I’ll fill up an entire bag, so I can hand them out to all the trick or treaters on the street too.

Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City Trick or Treating | Stroller In The CityTrick or Treating | Stroller In The City Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City

Since I am already fully stocked with my giant sized box of Welch’s® Halloween Fruit Snacks I’m going to start adding them to the kids’ lunch box to start getting them into the holiday spirit.

Be sure to pick up Welch’s® Halloween Fruit Snacks at your local Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar General or online at Boxed.com this season!

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Trick or Treating | Stroller In The City

originally published 10/26/2018

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photography by: Lauren Kara

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16 thoughts on “Trick or Treating”

  1. We have already ventured out to a couple Halloween parties. I am hoping to get some fruit snacks and whatnot next week INSTEAD of candy. We are on candy overload.

  2. I am loving the costumes. They look adorable. Welch’s fruit snacks are the ones we bring into the house. I should pick some up to hand out. I have been procrastinating.

  3. My kids love Welch’s fruit snacks! I should grab this product for trick or treating tomorrow. Any kids would enjoy fruity snacks.

  4. What a great alternative to chocolates and candies. This is perfect here in Florida b/c the chocolate melts fast.

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