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Everything in our April Amazon Cart

We all know how much I love Amazon and Prime shipping. I’ve been taking a look at categories I need to shop for. I start with the home and then all things fashion and beauty to see what I can add to my Amazon shopping cart. It’s nearing the middle of spring and summer is around the corner! I’m sharing my recent Amazon orders that include items perfect for the transitional seasons. I love looking at the home section because you can find great quality products that look expensive but have a more affordable price tag. Log into your Amazon account because you will not want to miss these deals I’ve found!

Here’s everything in our Amazon cart this April, happy shopping!

what's in our amazon cart


Moreover, I love finding my favorite brands on Amazon because the prices are great and the shipping is even better! I’m mixing this category with a bit of fashion. I focused more on home and beach items this month to prep for the transitional season. From skincare to hair products for my daily routine and bags that are dupes for expensive pieces, I have found it all!

amazon beauty and fashion

Hat // Earrings // Makeup Brushes // Hair Styling Cream // Heatless Curls // Dress // Cosmetic Bag // Crossbody Purse // Tote

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what's in our amazon cart

Beach Finds

We’re getting our summer set up in order! I like to get my beach set up ahead of time so I have everything. We keep it all in one spot in my garage to throw in the car for beach days. We love a big umbrella for shade and sun protection and then we work around that. Business & Pleasure is our favorite brand, so I stocked up on towels, a cooler, a great filtered water bottle that does not spill in your bag, bags to keep wet items in and so much more.

amazon beach

Sunscreen // Umbrella // Filtered Water Bottle // Towel // Chair // Cooler // Wet Bags // Underwater Camera // Connect Four Game

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what's in our amazon cart

Car Necessities

​Between after school activities, road trips and going back and forth to our home out east, it feels like we spend a lot of time in the car. I have products I like to have in the car at all times that I feel like are essential. From keeping the car clean to staying organized and being prepared for emergencies, I have just what you need for car gadgets.

amazon car

Snack Container // Cleaning Gel // Sunglasses Holder // First Aid Kit // Portable Charger // Garbage Bag with Lid // Trunk Organizer

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what's in our amazon cart


Firstly, this has recently one of my favorite categories to shop for. There are always ways to improve organization in the home and it’s that time of year where I tend to toss and donate a bunch of things and do a deeper clean than spring cleaning. Amazon shoppers know the best product selection is on Amazon. The prices are always fantastic and I truly could spend so much time on there every single day looking around if I had the time. From furniture to decor that is neutral for year round use, I’m excited to share what’s in my cart for the new season!

amazon home

Hand and Body Lotion // Lamp // Entryway Mirror // Charcuterie Board // Towels // Silicon Storage Containers // Blanket // Marble Tray // Gold Standing Mirror // Colorful Glasses // Cordless Lamps // Tissue Boxes // Marble Serving Board // Soap

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what's in our amazon cart


Finally, I’ve been very into reorganizing my fridge and pantry lately.  I’ve also been recently obsessed with glass jars and storing food and snacks in them for the aesthetic appeal. It looks great and organized and is honestly easy to keep up with. This month, I took everything out of my fridge and decided to start from scratch with organization. After digging on Amazon for what felt like weeks, I have come up with the ultimate solution to not only organizing the fridge but keeping it that way in a system that makes it easy to do so!

amazon fridge

Egg Tray // Yogurt Organizer // Boxed Shelving Organizer // Fridge Drawer // Container Set // Shelving Storage // Can Organizer // Lazy Susan // Fridge Deodorizer // Snack Box // Butter Storage and Cuber

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For more Amazon favorites, visit here!

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what's in our amazon cart
what's in our amazon cart

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