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Project Playroom Reveal

I am literally bursting with excitement to show off our new playroom. As I mentioned last week, I turned to Land Of Nod design services to help me transform the kids’ playroom. Living in a small space, it is critical that every inch of our apartment is functional, and being used to its fullest potential. With three children, plenty of toys with their age differences, we required a space for Ryder to do his homework, while the girls can continue to play with their dolls, and work on their endless art projects. Two years ago, we converted a portion of our living to a playroom, with book shelves, and decor which makes the area feel like its own room.

Small Space Living: Playroom Reveal

Working with the Land Of Nod design team made it easy for me to determine exactly where everything should go. My designer Timothy, not only included the furniture we will be using, on a private Pinterest board, but he also sketched out specific details and dimensions of where every item should be placed, with inspiration photos as a guide as well.

Small Space Living: Playroom Reveal

The first order of business was our chalkboard. Jason and I painted the chalkboard on the wall, when we initially converted the space, and our intention was to build a large of frame around it, which never happened. Understanding that we somehow wanted to keep the chalkboard, after a little sprucing up, Timonthy created a sketch with Land Of Nod Art Work, a 3d Cat Accent, and Washi Tape outline in fun colors. I was so nervous, by the thought of trying to execute the washi tape, but it was easy to use, and I was very pleased with the results. I picked three different colored washi tapes, to mimc the pattern on the chalkboard, and used the same tape when hanging some of the art work. As a finishing touch, we added the Shelving below the chalkboard, making it more functional to hold chalk and erasers.
Small Space Living: Playroom Reveal

Another major wow factor when putting everything together were the addition of the Candy Stripe Curtains. We’ve always had blinds on our windows, but no curtains, and I couldn’t believe the difference in the way the entire house looks with these colorful sheers. The light fills the room feeling brighter and more lively.
Small Space Living: Playroom Reveal

We kept some of the pieces from our original playroom, like the brown book shelves, mini kitchen, and complimented them with the Land Of Nod’s Here, There, Anywhere Play Table, and Candy Stick Play Chairs in Mint. This set is just perfect for the girls, and totally something our last playroom was missing. We can ever have enough storage, and even before our makeover, I’ve been eying Land Of Nod’s Storagepalooza. I stuffed away all of the girls baby dolls, stuffed animals, puzzles and random toys, and we still have space for more. This vibrant Water Lily Area Rug tied all the colors from our new additions together.

Small Space Living: Playroom RevealSmall Space Living: Playroom RevealSmall Space Living: Playroom Reveal

Next fix, a special place for Ryder to do his homework. The Little Sloane Leaning Desk is just perfect for rooms with space constraints, trying to keep a simple but modern feel. The side shelves carry plenty of storage for books and school work, with a separate compartment for Ryder and Siella. The Acrylic Desk Chair was definitely the perfect choice as it feels as if it’s almost floating in the room, not taking up any space at all. This new workspace is such a welcome addition, that I’m finding myself sitting here on the computer, to finish some of my own work.

Small Space Living: Playroom Reveal

The little details and personal touches that the Design Team at Nod added were everything. I adore the three Cork Boards above the desk area; one to showcase each child’s artwork, which the kids have already used to showcase their latest masterpieces. And, the Mixed Media Table Lamp matches with the window curtains and play chairs just perfectly.

Small Space Living: Playroom Reveal

Overall, our new playroom is bright and happy, and it may just be everyone’s new favorite room in our apartment. The Land of Nod team have been more than accommodating, taking every detail and square inch of space into account. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the end results, and the process of gathering all the pieces needed. This has been such a fun project, and now I’m wondering can Land Of Nod please help me with my living room. Just kidding!

Thank you so so much to Land Of Nod for sponsoring this post and really making the most the beautiful playroom ever! 

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