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Cruising Down Fifth Avenue

Radio Flyer sure has come a long way since the little red pull wagon—our kids are riding in futuristic electric cars now. Well, not so futuristic, actually. The electric cars are already here, and Radio Flyer has teamed up with Tesla Motors to create the kid version of Tesla’s famous Model S electric car.


If you’re new to Tesla, like I am, you will be amazed at how incredible this company is. Tesla Motors was the brainchild of a small circle of Silicon Valley engineers who partnered with the charismatic PayPal billionaire, Elon Musk. Tesla successfully launched the world’s first premium 100% electric Sedan. Tesla isn’t just a car company; they are energy innovators who are changing the way we look at automobiles. Imagine a world where our cars could have zero emissions! With each new model that comes out the company is slowly making these cars more affordable and even better performing.

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Radio Flyer is just getting our kids ready for the future by starting them out in their own mini Model S. In true Tesla style, the Radio Flyer Tesla is the first and only battery powered ride-on for kids with Lithium Ion technology. Basically, this means longer run time and faster charge time. Plus the Kids Model S is just as sleek looking as the real thing. I wish I could fit inside. But alas, this model S is made to fit ages three to eight with a weight capacity of 81 pounds.


We recently got to see the kids Model S in-person. Ryder even got to test drive one of these babies down Fifth Avenue in NYC. He had so much fun cruising down 5th Ave. His ride definitely garnered a lot of attention and I have to say, he looked pretty cool behind the wheel too.


The Kids Model S has to be the most attractive electric kids car I have ever seen. It is totally a MUST for the kids. The Model S sells for $499 and comes in authentic Tesla colors (Red, Blue, Silver) with different wheel options and accessories (the car cover is a must). Plus you can get customizable plates and parking signs! Ordering is a breeze on the Radio Flyer site and building the car is pretty fun. They will be available to ship July 2016.

SITC was NOT compensated for this post or given a Model S, Ryder was able to test drive it and he totally approves! 


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