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Tea Collection Kid’s Swimwear

Swimwear for kids is always on my mind this time of year. The warm weather is finally here, and it’s time for swimming.  As you all know, fashion is near and dear to my heart for both myself and my children, and when I find a company that consistently delivers stylish clothes, I remain loyal! My kids and I love to be stylish while we’re out enjoying the water and the rays, which is why I’m so excited to talk about the wonderful options from Tea Collection kid’s swimwear. Their suits feature tons of fun colors and prints that make any child a paragon of fashion while they’re enjoying the water.

Tea Collection Kid's Swimwear in action at a water park

Tea Collection Kid’s Swimwear

One of my favorite things about Tea Collection is that the line brings excellent quality and look for both boys and girls, and their styles are always on-trend which means the kids always look their best. This year, Tea collection has gone for lots of bold stripes and prints with a variety of colors for their children’s swimwear collection. Their styles feature fun, tropical vibes that perfectly match the summer weather. From trunks and shirts to one piece and two piece suits for baby girls all the way to tweens, their variety and color choice means all of us stylish moms can outfit our kids in clothes that both we and they love.

Girl playing Tea Collection kid's swimwear

Tea Collection Kid’s Swimwear for Boys

This year, the prints for the boys feature sea life like sharks, fish, and turtles, as well as tropical motifs like pineapples, broad leaves, and ocean wave patterns. Their colors range from brown and aqua pairings to deep blues; stripes of yellow, blue, aqua, black, and white; and even a classic yellow and gray.

Tea Collection kid's swimwear bikini

Tea Collection Kid’s Swimwear for Girls

The girls’ collection features toucans, pineapple, and fish prints, along with zebra stripes and bold artistic flower prints with an eye-grabbing combination of yellow, red, aqua, pink, and black. A few of the pieces combine stripes and prints for a vibrant, fashion-forward look that girls of any age will love.

Girl playin in NYC wearing Tea Collection kid's swimwear

From prints to stripes to a little of both, the swimwear for kids this year from Tea Collection is a buffet of style that kids can choose from and moms will always be happy with. If your kids need new suits, or even if they don’t, head over to Tea Collection and check out their amazing options.

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The Tea Collection Kid's Swimwear options are full of vibrant colors and prints for any taste that guarantee your kids will be in high style.


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15 thoughts on “Tea Collection Kid’s Swimwear”

  1. Amy Desrosiers

    I love the look of these bathing suits! They have a special kind of vintage look! My girls would love them too.

  2. Wow, it sounds like a great clothing company. I actually love their designs, it so beautiful and looks comfortable to wear by my daughter.

  3. The kids seems to like it a lot by the smile in their face. Design is cute and pretty simple as well. These are must haves.

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