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A Beautiful First Holy Communion Day

Growing up, there are certain special childhood memories and events that stand apart from others. While starting school, making some of my oldest friends and riding my pink bike without my Dad grasping onto the seat of the first time all rank pretty high, but my First Holy Communion is definitely up on the list too. With my fancy (and super poofy!) white dress, warm spring weather, and dinner to celebrate with my family afterward, it was a day all about me, and it wasn’t even my birthday!

Last month, it was Siella’s turn to make her First Holy Communion. The sun was shining on a picture-perfect spring day, and our little angel looked absolutely breathtaking. Her dress, her hair, and her endless smile almost brought me to tears thinking back to my own special almost thirty years ago.

Young girl in her First Holy Communion dress

First Holy Communion

Communion is a time in a young child’s life when they are further welcomed into their church, by receiving the Eucharist (the holy bread and wine) for the first time. Coming off two years of weekly religious study, her mass attendance was diligent as she looked forward to collecting attendance stickers at church and seeing her friends on Sunday mornings. Mass was followed immediately Sunday school class. We’ve tried religion classes during the week, but that just adds to the hectic after school schedules. Following up church with religion classes made Sunday morning special, creating tradition and instilling faith within our children.

Sister celebration First Holy Communion

From the moment we started discussing her Communion day, Siella requested a party with our close friends and relatives. I figured it would similar to Ryder’s with mine and Jason’s immediate families in attendance, but she begged for something bigger, and I’m so glad she did. Inviting friends made the day that much more memorable.

Father and daughter celebrating First Holy CommunionSisters crossing street to First Holy Communion ceremony

First Holy Communion Dress! 

Communion day started with appointments for Siella, Gemma and me at Drybar. I love how giddy they were while getting their hair washed and styled. They totally felt like big girls. And for the girl of honor, a super simple flower crown with a small veil was added to Siella’s hair styled with two side by side braids. Next, it was a race back home to put on her dress. Oh, the dress! I have to say we weren’t crazy about shopping for a communion dress.

Siella knew exactly what she wanted as we searched online, and I ordered her first choice from Etsy. Turns out the dress was so big on her our tailor refused to alter it. So we shipped it back and it probably cost me more money, in the end, to send it back to Ukraine and also get hit with a restocking fee as well. BUT, I did find two dresses from Dillards, not a place I would normally look. Both fit her like a glove, but she chose the more simple, antique looking dress.

First Holy Communion ceremony in church

The Ceremony 

The ceremony at the church was lovely, with every little First Communioner in attendance playing their own special part in the service.  Siella was chosen to read a passage, and I couldn’t be more proud of the confidence which she exuded while up on the altar. A happy mama moment indeed!

First Holy Communion Celebration partyFirst Holy Communion celebration party at Il Cortile in NYC

The First Holy Communion Celebration! 

Following loads of photos inside and outside the church, it was time to start the festivities at one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Little Itlay, Il Cortile. Their massive garden room was allocated just for our party, so all of our friends and family could spread out and chat. Wine and food were overflowing, and the kids were bouncing off the walls like little jumping beans.

I’m typically a minimalist when it comes to decor, so I opted for the centerpieces of simple white orchids. My mom, known for her homemade treats made white chocolate hosts for the tables, and for the parting favors, she made lollipops attached to sweet little pocket rosaries and personalized ribbons. She’s so amazing when it comes to favors, so if you ever need any ideas, always call her!

Girl with grandparents at First Holy Communion partyGirl with relatives at partySiblings at First Holy Communion party

The First Holy Communion Celebration Cake 

Well you guys, since I knew the restaurant was providing a copious amount of dessert, I pondered over whether or not we needed a cake. Naturally, I changed my mind the day before, and fortunately a bakery across the street turnaround a cake in under 24 hours- and it was delicious. Too bad the writing on the cake look like Gemma wrote it with her left hand and blindfolded! I think we will laugh about that one for years to come!

Family celebrating First Holy Communion

What We Wore 

You know I’m literally obsessed with all things Love Shack Fancy, so when it came to my wardrobe, you know it was one of theirs! In typical Jason fashion, it took him 4 days of buying and returning 6 suits before finding one the day before. For Ryder, I purchased this Appaman suit for his school dance around the holidays and lucky enough he was able to get some more use out of it. Appaman is the only suits I buy for him, and in fact, he wore one of theirs on his communion day as well. I wanted a white dress for Gemma, so found this eyelet donned piece, I knew she could wear all summer!

Young girl with friendsMom & daughter at First Holy Communion

A magical day to say the least, and to think we get to do all of this in two more years with our littlest! She may even have the guest list already done!

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Last month, my daughter made her First Holy Communion. It was a picture-perfect spring day, and our little angel looked breathtaking.

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12 thoughts on “A Beautiful First Holy Communion Day”

  1. Congrats are in order for your young lady! Communion is a big deal, and should be celebrated accordingly. All in all, I’d say from her dress, hair, ceremony and after-party, everything was perfect. Something she’ll definitely remember!

  2. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful milestone and you are a beautiful family. May you continue having such happiness. 🙂

  3. Jessica Hughes

    Congratulations to your beautiful family! So glad you got to make her day special. What a beautiful lunch in Little Italy!

  4. Aaaawwwwww….Congratulations, Siella! I am very happy for you. Guess what, you remind me of my time, that day and how excited I was.

    My Mummy made sure everything happens and I loved it all. I hope it was the same for you.

  5. I didnt make my First Holy Communion untill i was almost 13 and it was ok-not great! my parish was strict and required the boys to wear white suits and us girls to wear short sleeve,poofy,knee length communion dresses with the veil,white tights and the white mary jane shoes.Our communion dresses were considered extensions of our white baptism outfits we were baptized in as babies,so to represent the purity of our baptisms,we had to wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants under our tights with a white tee shirt as our top! Mom sewed a package of cloth diapers together to make my required diaper and i had toddler extra large size plastic pants over it and my tights were the high waist kind.It was a little different being almost 13 and having the diaper and plastic pants on for my First Holy Communion!

  6. Hello Brianne, this looks like a lovely celebration. Wondering if you can share where you got your dress from. I know it was years ago, but if you know the brand, I would love to try and find it.

    Thanks, Kelly

  7. Hello Brianne, this looks like a lovely celebration. Wondering if you can share where you got your dress from. I know it was years ago, but if you know the brand, I would love to try and find it.

    Thanks, Kelly

  8. Hello Brianne,
    Your dress and your daughter dress were gorgeous! Would you be able to share the name of your dress from Love Shack Fancy? Thanks! Grazielle

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