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GIVE Bag – Giving Good One Person at a Time

The GIVE Bag is a new way I’ve found to give good in the world, and I want to share it with all of you. I’m as passionate about being a source of good in the world as I am about fashion. There are so many people out there who need help, whether it be mental, emotional, physical, or resource related. I strongly believe that people should always try to help others as much as possible, and I try to teach my kids that every day.

Whether it’s buying coffee for the person in line behind me or being a shoulder to cry on, I try to teach my kids every day that the more we can do to help others, the better the world becomes.

That’s why I’m excited about GIVE Bag. It’s an idea for supporting people and creating a chain of goodness that can continue to go on and on, being a perpetual source of support and hope in the world.

Family with the GIVE bag

The Steve and Alexandra Cohen Foundation are joining the kindness conversation which was kicked off on April 28th for National Pay It Forward Day and plan to keep the giving conversation going in the coming months. They want to spread the idea that even small gestures can make a big impact on people, and I love that.

Kids with GIVE bag in NYC

Alex Cohen, the founder of The Steve and Alexandra Cohen Foundation, has been a long-time fan of The Giving Plate which makes sure that underprivileged people get the food that they need. She wanted to take that same concept and apply it to giving that didn’t necessarily include food, allowing anyone the opportunity to give and promoting the idea that random acts of kindness, even small ones, can resonate with everyone.

GIVE bags filled with flowers

The GIVE Bag

The GIVE Bag is what she came up with. Meant to give inspiration and hope to those who need it, this bag can be filled with items which let the recipient know that they are loved and that someone out there cares. The bag can contain whatever the giver thinks will touch the recipient the most.

The girls and I filled our bags with flowers, and plan to drop them off to two special people in our lives that need just a little uplifting. The person who receives the bag is then asked to continue the chain of giving by refilling it and giving it to another person in need of help or support, creating a never-ending (hopefully) chain of giving and goodness in the world.

Each bag has a special QR code that can be scanned so you can see how far kindness spreads around the world via lovethegive.com. Of course, the more people who participate, the more we fill the world with this idea of love and light.

Child with GIVE bag of flowers

The GIVE Bag can be shared with anyone who is need of an emotional boost or just as a way to say “You matter” to a person you love or who has helped you. It can be anyone who you feel needs a helping hand or deserved recognition for the role that they play in your life or community. It’s up to you.

The story behind the GIVE bagGIVE bags hanging on a fence

I think the GIVE Bag is an excellent way to spread love in the world, and I hope you’ll join me in this beautiful initiative. Visit Love the Give, and learn how you can be a source of goodness in the world with the GIVE Bag, too.


The GIVE Bag lhets the recipient know they are loved and cared for. They are encourage to refill the bag and pass it along to someone else.

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17 thoughts on “GIVE Bag – Giving Good One Person at a Time”

  1. What a beautiful idea! I love that it’s meant to be paid forward, creating an ongoing chain to uplift many more people the longer the bag gets passed around. Just lovely!

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This give bag is an awesome idea. I hope lots of people will join in this campaign. It is about time that we show more compassion towards our brothers and sisters in need.

  3. I like that you put whatever is important to the person receiving the gift, in the bag. I think this cause is a wonderful idea.

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