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Summer Approved Kids Shoes

Kids wear their shoes down to the bone. From outdoor activities to sports and extracurriculars, their shoes see a lot. With all of the prep we are doing for summer camp, we have pulled top picks for those warmer days. I know there are a lot of splash pads and big events, so I’ve pulled a variety of shoes from athletic shoes to waterproof and a high quality shoe for holidays or dinner events. From toddler’s feet to a big kid, you’ll be able to find the right shoe for your child. These are more than flip flops, but versatile options to be supportive shoes for everything your kids will get into this summer. Shop the best summer shoes for all the best kids we know.

summer shoes for kids


Firstly, the latest trends are not only some of the most stylish shoes, but they are so cute. I love that the classic look of the all white shoes or neutral color pairs of shoes is in style. Not only are they a timeless look, but they are so versatile and such a closet staple. This is a chance to go for sandals and breathable fabrics over sneakers for this next summer. Choose from a wide variety of shoes, such as mary janes, combat boots, rain boots, sandals if you’re in a warmer climate, etc. The top brands we have been loving this season are New Balance, Nike Air Max and Air Force, Converse, Dr. Martens and Adidas Gazelles. If you have a lot going on, you’ll want to go for a stylish sandal and neutral ballet flat for the best choice to go with more clothes in your kids’ wardrobes.

summer shoes for kids

Type of Shoe

My kids are older so they like to pick out their own shoes but it’s fun to pull options for them to check out. There are shoes with easy adjustability for little kids shoes on a busy camp day. They can put their own shoes on this way! We’re heading to the shoe store for pool slides, sandals my kids can walk around and travel in and ultimately, shoes that will not give them sore feet. Sandals, sneakers, ballet flats and even rain boots are the most ideal options to shop from this season. Fashionable looks are everywhere so it’s not hard to find shoes your kids will love and will be comfortable. The biggest indicator of a good shoe is the comfort level. If you need a different size, go up one since kids feet grow so quickly!

summer shoes for kids

summer shoes for kids

Shop with a Purpose

Finally, shop for what your child needs! Do you have small children who need new walkers or a rubber sole to grip the ground? Or is your kid in an active sports camp and they need adaptable shoes styles for natural movement. There’s a lot of jumping in cold water on a hot summer day and then taking it into sport sandals. If they are able to go in the washing machine to get cleaned, they are the best option!

kids summer shoes

Adidas Slides // ON Sneakers // Espadrilles // Doc Marten Sandals // Vans // Gazelles // Birkenstocks // Tevas // Water Shoes // Ballet Flats // New Balance Sneakers // White Sandals // Flip Flops // Colorful Sandals // Jelly Sandals

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summer shoes for kids

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summer shoes for kids
summer shoes for kids

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