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Stoney Clover Lane x Target Collaboration

It’s no secret that my girls and I are obsessed with Stoney Clover Lane. We absolutely love their items for travel! Siella is getting into her own skincare routine now and her go-to storage for all of her stuff are, of course, their pouches! When I heard they had a collaboration coming with Target, I screamed with excitement! Who doesn’t love Target?!

The collaboration drops tomorrow, April 2nd, so here’s a sneak peek!

Who is Stoney Clover Lane?

Firstly, background for anyone who may not be familiar with this brand, they are a super cute brand founded by two sisters who have a passion for organization! They feature everything from pouches, to totes, to backpacks, to notebooks to lunchboxes and the list goes on. Everything is super bright and candy colored, but I think my girls’ favorite part is that it can all be personalized! They sell patches that vary from shapes to letters, so you can decorate all of your items with hearts, or put an airplane on a travel pouch, or spell your name on a tote. The possibilities are endless!

What’s Featured?

In short, literally everything! There is not one thing they missed with this collaboration! I promise you, that you will be fully prepped for summer simply with this collection. Moreover, the line contains pieces of clothing, shoes, bags, pouches and pet accessories.  Additionally, they designed suitcases, travel accessories, beach accessories. I’m telling you, they did it all!

What I’m Shopping

Obviously, I have my eye on some beach accessories, such as the umbrella, towels and the coolers. But also, we use the pouches and bags for everything, so I like to stock up on those for when we travel! I recommend the backpacks for school, it’s a great way for your kids to express themselves, especially with the personalized patches. But one thing I do want to note is that this stuff makes fantastic gifts! It’s normally on the pricier side, but this collab is incredibly affordable, so take advantage of that! Grab some pouches for birthdays, bachelorette weekends, mother’s day gifts- you name it, there’s a reason to gift it.

What pieces of this collection are you looking to get?

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I’m so glad these cups are in style because they keep drinks cold or hot for so long. I’m stocking up on this one for cool drinks for the summer!
My girls are going to love this beach chair! It’s lightweight, so it’ll be easy to carry in the sand, but it’s also adorable!
In case you aren’t aware, fanny packs are back in style! Gemma loves them and I think she’d be so excited for this hot pink one!
This is a need! I love the heart detail and their bags are so spacious.
Are you traveling soon? This neck pillow looks so comfortable! And they have a few really cute designs to choose from!
Pimple patches are so in style right now and thank goodness! They help to heal your pimples and protect you from picking them. They’re also super cute!
How are these only $20?! The straps are great and secure, I think these make the perfect summer shoes to throw on.
We can’t forget about the patches! These are sold separately, as well as in packs that spell things out like “travel”, shapes, etc.!
Cooper might have to sport some pink this spring! The collaboration has a few really cute pet accessories, such as collars, leashes, carriers, toys and more!
Planners are so important to my daily life. They organize everything and truly keep me sane. This one is too cute!
How adorable is this bikini?! They have pages of apparel and swimsuits to choose from and I’m so happy to see they are size-inclusive in this collaboration!
This brand is known for their collaborations, seriously they are iconic! This polish as well as their skincare collabs are available in this drop, which are great additions to the pouches if you’re gifting!
Did we really think I was going to forget to include the bright pink suitcase?! No way! This is a necessity for me!
Packing cubes are a necessity! This is a great deal and they keep everything so neat and organized. They ultimate packing-hack!
Finally, they have a great selection of beach totes to choose from! These are something I always need, even outside of summertime, I use them to throw stuff in while I’m out and about!

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19 thoughts on “Stoney Clover Lane x Target Collaboration”

  1. Melanie Edjourian

    I am loving all of the pastel colours on the new products. I love the beach tote, it’s such a summer option and perfect for days at the beach.

  2. OMG! These are so cute. Honestly, I am not familiar with the brand but this is so totally our style. We love candy-colored stuff. I am pretty sure the girls would enjoy designing with all the patches. Thank you for sharing this.

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