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Sunday Styles: Olive Mae

Looks like summer is finally settling into its grove with sunny skies and high temps, so in our house it’s dresses, dresses, dresses. The girls live in dresses and we can never have enough. We spend the majority of our days in the playgrounds and streets of NYC, and nothing makes them more comfortable.

Olive Mae Olive Mae

A friend just turned me onto Olive Mae dresses, and I think I am in love. Olive Mae began with the vision of creating a little girl’s dress line that would offer moms like herself an affordable option for traditionally sweet and innocent dress designs, crafted with quality, fun fabrics which could withstand the test of time and many washings (washable dress- woo hoo!), all at reasonable prices. Designer, Lacy understood firsthand how challenging it could be to find quality children’s clothing, without spending a fortune!

Olive Mae Olive Mae

Olive Mae

Siella is wearing the Harper dress, which is a myriad of vibrant colors, patterns and ruffles. The skirt patterns are carefully chosen to compliment each other with lovely blues and greens inspired by the warm summer days. This dress features flutter cap sleeves that both tie through one button hole in the back, making this dress easily adjustable to little ladies of any height. The skirts are purposefully made full for maximum twirling effect!

Olive Mae Olive Mae

Gemma has on the beautiful floral patterned Elyse dress. Featuring ruffle cap sleeves, square neck, and a lovely full skirt, your little girl will feel comfortable and adorable in this dress.  Oh yeah, each dress is a handmade, so its a one of a kind creation.

Olive Mae Olive Mae

I cannot tell you how many times we were stopped during the course of the day with compliments and inquires about their dresses. The girls were plent comfy, while playing and twirling, all day long. It was a perfect summer day!

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