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Sunday Styles: Patachou Clothing Classic Elegance

Classic elegance is what Patachou clothing is all about, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. My girls and I all have eclectic style tastes ranging from cute, sassy, and bold to elegant and muted. With such a wide range of style tastes, we usually end up picking an outfit for the day that matches our moods. Lately, my daughters have been reaching for their Patachou items quite a lot. The classic elegance of their dresses and separate options for boys and girls offers the perfect mix of simplicity of style, beauty, and childhood whimsy that is really attractive to my daughters and me.
Mom with two girls wearing Patachou clothing


Patachou Clothing

With lace, bows, classic colors like white, navy, black, and pink; Patachou clothing brings a touch of classic children’s styles to the modern world. Their style is often reminiscent of the ’30s and ’40s, giving a sense of the days when fashion was still innocent. Don’t let that description fool you into thinking this company is dated, however. Their classic cuts and stylings are infused with a modern twist, with many of their dresses and skirts sporting brightly-colored floral prints, including a lovely dress and shirt, both with a bright yellow floral with the word “love” in cursive printed on the front. You’ll even find adorable headbands complete with bows or bunched lace, and super cute handbags, all with the perfect mix of old-school elegance and modern charm.

Two young girls wear Patachou clothing in the park

This seasons line is all about classic colors like white, pink, and navy, along with florals to bring elegance and whimsy together for outfit options that have your little girl looking like a little princess minus the in-your-face frill that can sometimes be the downfall of looks like these.

Girl smiling in Patachou dressYoung girl modeling Patachou clothing

Siella and Gemma are particularly fond of their class eyelet white skirt and top for the season, and they wear them frequently.

Sisters in their Patachou dresses

The classic elegance touched with a modern flair of this line will have any little girl feeling like modern day royalty.

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Classic elegance with a modern touch is what Patachou clothing is all about. The spring/summer line features '30s and '40s with a twist.


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15 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Patachou Clothing Classic Elegance”

  1. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Your white dresses are all so lovely! I love the sleeves on your daughter’s dresses. Brings back memories of white dresses I wore when I was their age. I will have to check out this clothing brand. My granddaughters would look lovely in white dresses too!

  2. Adorable and gorgeous! Love the sweet feminine look of the white dresses and the cut out design on both yours and your daughters’ dresses. Very cute!

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