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Organic Baby Clothes by Apple Park : Under The Sea Collection

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Ryder, Siella, and Gemma may be long out of baby clothes and have moved on to big-kid toys, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy them. My kiddos have a few little cousins that I get to dress up in the cutest, most adorable outfits I can find. And let’s not even get started on sweet little stuffed animals and toys. I am still obsessed with all things baby, toddler, and little kid. One of my favorite brands for organic baby clothes and toys is Apple Park.

Baby wearing organic baby clothes from Apple Park Under the Sea collection

After years of cycling through clothes and toys, I have to say the pieces that stand the test of time are the ones lovingly made from organic materials by brands that make an effort to create sustainable and eco-friendly products. The care and consideration involved in each garment or toy are impressive and I feel better placing an organic cotton stuffed animal in a baby’s hands or on their delicate bodies knowing they are made from the best materials.

Baby playing in organic cotton baby clothes

 Apple Park Organic Baby Clothes

We have been huge fans of Apple Park since my kids were teeny tiny and they are my go-to for gifts and holidays.  (Make sure and check out my other favorite gifts for baby.) The latest Apple Park collection is perfection—sea creatures! All kids LOVE ocean life and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t stare, jaw agape, at a fish tank or coral reef or aquarium. The mystery of the ocean is enchanting.

Baby playing in organic baby clothes by Apple Park Apple Park Under the Sea baby toyBaby riding carousel while wearing organic baby clothes

Speaking of enchanting…I got to spend a fun afternoon with the sweetest little guy, baby John, at the magical Seaglass Carousel in Battery Park City. It is my favorite downtown stop with kids from babies on up because kids love carousels and sea life. John was totally mesmerized while he sat in my lap and we swirled around riding a huge fish.

Baby riding carrouselCute baby in organic baby clothesBaby playing with Apple Park stuffed animal

And you know I am a sucker for a theme, so I dressed him in the sweetest Sea Life Coverall from Apple Park. It was super soft, breathable and comfy for our deep-sea adventure. John didn’t want to get off the ride with his cute octopus, but he was easily convinced when we showed him a few more Apple Park sea creatures! He was so happy to play with the Organic Cotton Octopus, Jelly Fish and Squid all afternoon—even napped with them in his stroller.

Smiling baby wearing organic baby clothes

The Organic Cotton Sea Life onesies, blanket, and footed pajamas are adorned with jellyfish, octopus, and seaweed in soft green, blue and yellow on a white background and they are all so soft and supple. The new Apple Park Sea Life collection and plush toys are available to order on applepark.com. You can also check Kids World for great clothes of babies.


We are huge fans of Apple Park organic baby clothes and they are my go-to for gifts and holidays. The Under the Sea collection is perfection!

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  1. Aww, that is so adorable! I really like the outfit. It’s so cute! I’ve always loved sea life items. They’re the best.

  2. Sounds like an amazing brand to not miss. Same as you, I am a fan of organics as well. The pictures you have are beautiful.

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