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Sunday Styles: Bedding For Kids

We may have completed the major apartment renovations, but the work is never really done. I am still slowly changing out all the little details around our space to make things feel fresh and new everywhere. From kitchen and bathroom accessories to linens and bedding—I am in the mood for change. I always love to swap out my bedding with the seasons—light and airy for spring and summer, cozy for fall and winter. I feel like we sleep better with fresh new sheets on our beds.

When it comes to the kids, I used to agonize over selecting patterns and colors. I always ended up with plain and simple—pretty boring for the kids, I guess. Now they have opinions and I couldn’t be happier to include them in the decision-making process. Our latest set is from renowned manufacturer in licensed bedding, Jay Franco and Sons Inc. Plus its always nice to just have that second set of sheets!

Sunday Styles: Jay Franco And Sons Inc | Stroller In The City

Jay Franco and Sons Inc has won licensing awards for working with brands like Disney, Disney Pixar, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Star Wars, Shopkins, and more. They produce bedding and bath products available through national retailers and specialty stores just about everywhere. Jay Franco and Sons Inc., recently partnered with Hayley and Ivy, two tween best friends and entrepreneurs who love all things tween—like the beach, their pets and having fun.

Sunday Styles: Jay Franco And Sons Inc | Stroller In The City

Hayley and Ivy are the cutest and they totally remind me of my girls. They designed a line of bedroom décor inspired by their own lives and aptly named, Hi by Hayley and Ivy. And it is just adorable. Gemma and Siella obviously love the pink collection and I think it matches their style and blends with the room perfectly. Ryder did something a little different—Star Wars!

Sunday Styles: Jay Franco And Sons Inc | Stroller In The City

I love the combination of girlie pink patterns and the cool Star Wars theme. I hope my kids all have exciting and wild adventures in their dreams (for ten uninterrupted hours every night!)

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Sunday Styles: Jay Franco And Sons Inc | Stroller In The City

photography by Lara Kara

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Bedding For Kids”

  1. I am obsessed with that bunk bed style! How fun and perfect for a big family. The bedding is pretty cute too!

  2. This line of bedroom décor is so cute, fun and perfect for my kid’s bedroom. I love the colors and design!

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