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Mixing, Matching, & Styling with Tea Collection

After 39 days homebound, now more than ever, I realize how blessed I’ve been for so long. I hope this time at home during social distancing will result in everyone forging a deeper appreciation of life, an acknowledgment of how fortunate we have been, and that we can emerge stronger and better than before. I’m not going to lie though, I miss some of the little things in life, like fashion! I long for dressing up, shopping, or just browsing the shops for new styles. That’s all been traded in for wearing the same pair of sweat pants 3 or 4 days in the same week. Once in a blue, I will try on a favorite dress or pair of jeans, to get a taste of what it was like to get ready to head to my office space at The Wing, or plan for photoshoots with my photographer, or get excited for a dinner date out with my husband or friends.

Last week, Tea Collection stirred my creative juices when they asked me to plan some outfits, using a few of their separates. It felt so good to immerse myself back into the fashion, mixing and matching pieces, creating different looks, and playing dress up with the kids.

My kids have lived in Tea Collection for years now. I love everything about the brand. Their meaning, what they stand for, and all of the travel inspirations they pour into each and every single season. This latest collection is inspired by Greece and all things in the Mediterranean. Having traveled to Europe over the summer, this collection brings back plenty of amazing memories.

I’m all about mixing and matching sets, especially during the spring and summer months. These terry shorts, sturdy leggings, and graphic tee are perfect for some cute and coordinated lounge looks.

The collection is packed with breezy dresses, easy essentials, and warm-weather wonders for brighter days ahead. My pieces ranged from modern monochrome tones to bright mix-and-match prints with these fun limited edition sets.

The best thing- when buying three pieces of these sets from Tea Collection, you receive another for free. All sets are 15%, and use my promo code FREESHIP4U for free shipping on your order as well!

Stroller In The City Curated Collection

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