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Favorite Kitchen Tools We Are Loving During Quarantine

During this period of quarantine and shelter in place more and more of us are refining our kitchen skills. With restaurants closed and take out at a minimum, we’re all dusting off those cook books and putting them to good use. Whether you’re wanting to elevate your baking skills or perfecting family recipes, this list has got your covered!

These are the best eco friendyl, non-toxic, and easy to clean pots and pans on the market. All while being totally swoon worthy in a feminine blush color.
Staying organized in the kitchen is key for keep a tidy space. These canisters help sort all your dry food favorites.
This nordic pan brings an element of fun to an already totally delicious food. My kids LOVE pancakes and this is a great option for all families.
Great Jones is rapidly making a name for themselves in the kitchen world and this sheet pan is a perfect example why. Ditch that greasy one you’ve had for way too long and upgrade!
Hand mixers are a great tool in elevating your baking skills while staying practical and storage friendly. This top of the line mixer will keep you baking through quarantine.
A microplane is a kitchen MUST! Whether you need to zest lemons, mince garlic, or top your pasta with the best of parmesan, this microplane will surely be used weekly!
Stop storing your left overs in greasy plastic bins that clutter up your cabinets and drawers. Pyrex glass storage containers are easy to organize and eco-friendly.
Waffle maker but make it cute! This mini waffle maker is the cutest and prettiest option for anyone looking to make waffles without committing to a bulky heavy waffle maker.
This is an all in one set for your baking dreams. A great quality set for all your baking needs.
Air fryers are all the rage right now and I cant wait to discover them for myself. Enjoy foods with less fat and less oil. This great option comes in 4 colors.
This mini food processor is a great option for someone with little storage or someone trying to keep their bulky tools to a minimum. And the pink adds so much personality.
Last but definitely not least. Any chef will tell you that a Le Creuset is a kitchen must and a wonderful investment that will last decades!
After noodling around with this 180mm pasta machine (a wider version of the classic Atlas), you’ll want to banish boxed pasta forever.
An exact reproduction of a retro design, this set of three flintglass nesting bowls has become something of a kitchen linchpin.
Razor-sharp blades? Yes. Durable stainless-steel that slices with utmost precision?

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Tools We Are Loving During Quarantine”

    1. All of these kitchen tools are awesome!
      😂 It’s weird, but cooking and eating is the one thing for me during this quarantine that instead of getting better got worse…I usually love cooking, but my schedule has gotten so weird and messed up my eating habits. Maybe some of these products could help me get excited about being in the kitchen again!

  1. You’ve got some great items here! I’ve been talking about getting an air fryer – it’s one of those items that definitely tops my ‘must have’ list some day in the near future!

  2. Those items look very neat. I like the colour Pink as well. I enjoyed the mini waffle maker and pancake pan the most. Awesome🤗

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