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Munchkin Littles

This past week Gemma had her first modeling debut. She was asked to model in Munchkin’s new mbaby clothing line for an event here in NYC hosted by Momtrends. Moms and moms-to-be were all in attendance celebrating the launch of the gorgeous new mbaby collection as well as their new LATCH bottle.The event showcased not only the cutest little kiddies around town in their new threads but also an incredibly informative panel of speakers discussing everything you need to know about breastfeeding.

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Munchkin has reinvented the bottle to be more like the breast. The Munchkin LATCH bottle is a bottle designed to mimic the breastfeeding experience. While other wide-mouth bottles look like the breast, the unique LATCH accordion nipple moves and functions most like the breast, helping ease baby’s transition from breast to bottle and back. The nipple stretches, moves and pumps, so baby can LATCH and feed just like on your breast. The bottle is perfect for working mamas who plan to nurse their littles making it easy an easy transition from breast to bottle and vice versa.

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Gem hanging with her friends Thomas & Lillian

Gemma’s adorable romper is called the Bloom Fairy Sprig by mbaby. It’s designed with the softest 100% cotton jersey knit. This California inspired Bloomer one-piece is the perfect outfit for play. The shoulder straps and smocking make this outfit easy to fit. The whimsical romper has the perfect accents of delicate leaves and flowers, which makes it timeless and classic. I cannot wait for the warmer weather so Gemma can wear this adorable outfit around town.

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Two must-haves from the mbaby line is their ONESTER and SLEEPSTER collection. Only the mbaby ONESTER has a patent-pending double-layer front for built-in comfort. Munchkin felt that since babies are on their backs a majority of the time; their fronts are what need the extra coverage. The SLEEPSTER is a double layer front with a built in blanket. Since Pediatricians recommend that nothing be placed in a crib with a baby, not even a blanket, for safe sleep, the SLEEPSTER is the perfect choice. This all-in-one will give parents comfort when putting their baby’s to sleep that they are safe and warm.

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To view the entire mbaby Collection by Munchkin visit www.muchkin.com

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