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Celebrating 33!

I just celebrated my 33rd birthday last week. Although, I don’t consider it a big birthday, I do think there is something to be said about double digits and my first birthday as a mom of three. It’s a 3-3-3 kind of birthday, maybe I should play the lotto!

turning 33

I am lucky to share my birthday month with three very dear friends of mine, Mila, Ella & Aly and it has become quite a tradition every February to celebrate with them. This year we decided to celebrate the four of us and planned a big night of dinner and dancing with close friends. Luckily, this happened two weeks ago and Jason was home. The night ended into the wee hours and the amount of laughs (and drinks) was just what we all needed. It was truly an unforgettable night!


mom of three turns 33

Now fast forward to my actual birthday. I decided to treat myself and book a massage and facial at one of my favorite spas. My friend Jennifer also booked an appointment and we turned the late morning into a “mama pampering” session. Normally, Jason and I would have a fun dinner planned with the kids but since he was away I felt like I needed to do something birthday-esque. After, my relaxing morning, I jetted home to take Ryder to his karate class. And following class, my friend Solange and I took her kids and mine for dinner. While we enjoyed a mojito, then kids had pizza. It wound up turning out to be a wonderful day despite the fact that Jason was away. And the funny thing is; it’s not the first time he has been away on my birthday. I was just feeling really down about it this year but managed to keep myself busy and being with my children were the most important. The kids made me cute cards when they stayed over my parents house and gave them to me that night. It was all I really needed! The following day I hosted a playdate with my neighborhood mom friends since the kids were off from school. It was such a treat to finally catch up with everyone and they would up surprising me with yummy cupcakes, thank you Jennifer!


And this past weekend, I celebrated with my parents. My Dad brought home a cake and told the kids to keep it a secret, which they so didn’t. Every five minutes they kept telling me they were going to sing Happy Birthday and have cake. It was really cute, but also a reminder to never tell these little kiddies anything you want to be kept secret. HA!


For this year, I am making a full effort to start focusing on myself. I really need to get myself back to a gym and workout. It’s time for scheduling a workout into my crazy schedule and make it a goal for myself. A comment I received from my last post about “balancing life” was to not lose yourself in the mist of the chaos. I admit this past year I have totally let myself go and plan on gaining back that little time I need each day. And of course this goes without saying, but to continue to make these amazing memories with my little children. I am having the best time of my life right now and so thankful to be their mom!

And to my dear friends and family, thank you all so much for the birthday love. From phone calls to texts to facebook messages, you all mean the world to me and I am so very grateful to have you all in my life! I am truly blessed to have a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, such amazing friends, and family surrounding me..XO!

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11 thoughts on “Celebrating 33!”

  1. Our bedtime routine includes getting her bed ready and then I make her milk and we sit in bed while she drinks and I read her ” the night you were born ” and we lay together till she falls asleep.

  2. Happy Birthday! It’s always great to pamper yourself and spend some time with loved ones and friends on your special day. I was wondering where you got the shirt you were wearing in the Morning Musings article? I absolutely love it!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Being around people you love and love you back can truly give you such a happy, warm and wonderful feeling. I often teach my kids about sharing and being aware of the needs of others especially those who are in impoverished nations and one time, they gave me snack bars made by Nouri, one of the buy one give one brands, my children told me that for each piece they bought, the company would give one meal for one child. I was really happy and proud of my kids that day and seeing you and your family very happy has made me remember that treasured memory.

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