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Midsummer Beachwear for Kids

Beachwear for kids is one of my favorite fashions to browse through. My daughters feel the same way. With so many super cute swimsuits, wraps, flip flops, and other fashion statements tailor-made for the beach, it’s one of the most varied and eclectic styles to take advantage of. This summer, my daughters and I looked through the offerings from Mini Dreamers to find our favorite picks.
beachwear for kids - boys and girls
Mini Dreamers is a children’s clothing company offering stylish options for boys and girls with everything from baby clothing to beachwear for kids, dresses, shorts, tops, and more. They have accessory options featuring clips and headbands, bow ties, shoes, towels, and more. They even have adorable wands! Both my daughters and I were particularly impressed with the bikini and coverup options from this company.

Beachwear for Kids

beachwear for kids plus coverups and accessories from Mini Dreamers

Up first is the Odette bikini. This bikini is a super cute piece featuring a pleated accent at the waist and tassel accents along the bottom edge of the bikini top and on the ends of the ties. My daughters love how cute it is. I love – in addition to the cuteness, of course – how modest it is. Although it’s a two-piece, the top covers very well, as does the bottom. The Odette comes in three choices: floral print, shimmery pink, and white with metallic vertical stripes.

Odette bikini from Mini Dreamers beachwear for kids

Next is this metallic Fringe Bikini. Another cute option that is also incredibly kid-friendly, the Stella Cove bikini features a ruffled accent at the waist and fringing along the entire front of the top piece. A second variation adds fringe to the waistline, as well. This piece comes in a lovely light pink as well as a sassy, metallic silver with metallic gold trim. Fringe bikini from Mini Dreamers beachwear for kids

Finally, we come to an absolutely adorable-chic Stella Cove coverup piece. The Petals Poncho Coverup features a lovely gathered waist, giving a pleated effect extending almost all the way to the neckline and down the bottom half of the poncho, turning into a soft, subtle wave. The entire piece is accented from the edges of the arm openings down and across the bottom of the poncho with beautiful fringing that mimics rose petals.

Fringe cover up from Mini Dreamers

My daughters and I couldn’t be happier with the pieces we chose from Mini Dreamers. Their wide selection of beachwear for kids, means that both kids and moms will find stylish options that satisfy them both.

See below for some of our favorite beachwear for kids pieces for both boys and girls! 




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20 thoughts on “Midsummer Beachwear for Kids”

    1. Cuteness overload. The ruffled ones are my fave and the Dino one is just class ?. It should be more socially acceptable to rock beachwear on a daily basis. I know I’d totally do it ??

  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    These pieces are so cute! I have three little nieces who would love to wear these when they go swimming. I will send the link to this post to my cousin. I am positive she’ll buy these for her girls.

  2. Very cute stuff for girls..! I pove everything here especially the pompom head band, it’s so pretty and cute..!

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