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Classic Fashion Styles for Girls from House of Sofella

Classic fashion styles with a modern twist are what House of Sofella is all about. With a variety of choices for boys, girls, and babies ranging from 30s-inspired to modern looks, House of Sorella brings modern and classic together into one line that offers looks to please any child and their parents. They have an incredible assortment of designer European children’s clothing brands and has cracked the code for super cute outfits that can be classic, modern, and even a bit of both.

Classic Fashion Styles for Girls from House of Sofella

My girls are partial to classic fashion styles that harken back to a time when frills, floral prints, and tassels were the things to have, and they’ve found exactly what they love with these pieces that they picked out from House Of Sofella.

Classic Fashion Style from House of Sofella

Classic Fashion Styles for Kids from House of Sofella

The first piece we chose was the Girls Pink and White Striped Oversized Dress. This piece adds a modern flair to a classic cut and vibe. With one half of the dress in horizontal pink and white stripes and the other half in verticle striped, the dress brings a modern feel to the classic shape. This dress has a cut reminiscent of decades past, which is emphasized by the ruffle at the sleeves, making it the perfect piece for the girl who wants to be fashion-forward and retain that yesteryear feeling.

Classic Fashion Styles for young ladies from House of SofellaClassic Fashion Styles for children from House of Sofella

For Gemma’s outfit, we chose a Flounce Top from Jean Bourget and Pink Petticoat Skirt from 3 Pommes. Not overdone, the top has a straight cut with ruffles in a transparent cotton veil on the sleeves, making it both cool and adorable for outdoor play. And the skirt is the epitome of summertime sweetness. This adorable skirt is practically all pleats, giving it a lovely, classic look which is amplified by the tule and the contrasting copper elastic waist.

Classic Fashion Styles from House of Sofella

The pieces that my girls chose are just the tip of the considerable fashion iceberg from House of Sofella. With a plethora of classic fashion styles, modern looks, and some that are a little bit of both, you can be sure you’ll find something from this amazing company.


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16 thoughts on “Classic Fashion Styles for Girls from House of Sofella”

  1. Oh my goodness! These outfits are absolutely gorgeous. We will be going to a wedding soon, I have to check out this store for a dress for my daughter.

  2. Amy Desrosiers

    I really love the classic appeal and feminine quality these dresses have! I would love them for my 2 girls too!

  3. Those outfits are so beautiful. I know my daughters would really love those too. My oldest daughter really loves pink, so I bet she’d love these the most.

  4. I love simple but beautiful things! These outfits are so cute for little girls and so perfect for summer!

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