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Local Tastes Better – Craigs Creamery Tour

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It’s no secret that I love the East End. With so much open space, living is a bit more laid back, the beaches are to die for, and the countless vineyards turning out local wine and cuisine are delish! So it would be an understatement to say that I was excited when Craigs Creamery invited me to attend the Dan’s Taste of Two Forks food-and-wine celebration to experience its Craigs Creamery Tour taking place throughout the summer. In its 9th year, top chefs from 40 restaurants and winemakers from some 20 vineyards come together to serve up the finest that the Hamptons and North Fork have to offer. Local artisan purveyors, premium beer and spirits all contribute to make this a true local experience!

Craigs Creamery at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks food-and-wine celebration

This year’s event was held at Fairview Farm on the Mecox Bay. Under crystal clear skies, it was the perfect setting to indulge in all the Hamptons has to offer “under one roof.” There were so many vendors and participants, but Craigs Creamery is one that I found particularly interesting. A new farm-to-table cheese brand, Craigs Creamery is bringing the farm (and its fresh, delicious cheese) to the greater New York area this summer with The Craigs Creamery Tour — and one of its first stops was Dan’s Taste of Summer. At the event, I learned that Craigs Creamery was founded by eight family farms in upstate New York, all located within less than 20 miles of where they make their cheese. It’s something I felt good about eating — Craigs Creamery is more than fresh, simple, wholesome dairy, its focused on sustainability and a controlled cheese making process, reducing the time needed to get milk from the cow to the creamery to create fresh, high-quality cheese. 

Cheese selections form Craigs Creamery Tour Craigs Creamery Tour at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks

Craigs Creamery is new to the market, but these delicious products have quickly become a regular on my shopping list. Compared to other brands, you can taste just how fresh the cheese really is. Some of the cheese varieties include: Whole Milk Mozzarella, Swiss, Mild/Medium/Sharp Cheddar and Muenster cheese which come in a wide variety of slices, shreds, chunks and snack bars. Some of my kids’ favorites are the Sharp Cheddar Snack Bars, which will make for a great back to school snack!

While at the event, I had a chance to chat with some of the Craigs Creamery farmers to learn more about the brand’s history. One had three kids, just like me, so we traded funny stories of the love and mayhem that comes along with parenting. Getting to know the purveyors personal side offered a great deal of insight as to why the brand is so committed to sustainable farming and delivering cheese made with local, high-quality milk and all-natural ingredients. And the cheese was a huge highlight in some of the tasty dishes offered at Taste of Two Forks. If you were lucky enough not to wait in a huge line, the lobster fritter with Craigs Creamery truffle cheese fondue from the Shinnecock Lobster Factory was probably the best I’d ever tasted.

Local cheese from Craigs Creamery tour

What a lovely evening! I discovered some new eats out east, drank delicious wine, and watched the perfect sunset! If you live near me, you can find Craigs Creamery products at Stop & Shop and ShopRite locations in the NYC metro area. I have a feeling that you may fall for this brand, just as I did! Thank you, Craigs Creamery, for inviting me to the ultimate, and yummiest, Hamptons event of the summer!

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9 thoughts on “Local Tastes Better – Craigs Creamery Tour”

  1. I love a good cheese and these sounds delicious! I need to look for them at the store this weekend. BTW I LOVE your dress!!

  2. I can’t get over how different fresh and local food tastes. It is pretty popular where we live so I have a lot of farm to table choices.

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