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Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea

Last-minute Halloween costume ideas are always needed! You never know- something could come in the mail and not fit or you changed your mind. Things happen and that’s totally okay! Because last-minute Halloween costumes are everywhere and if you need an easy costume that you can wear to a Halloween party or even a group costume, for that matter, my girls and I have you covered!

Last Minute Costume

Firstly, this year, we’re staying away from horror movie or scary character costumes and going for the cinematic classics! We’re no strangers to matching outfits and when it comes to dressing like a favorite character or finding the perfect costume to go as together, we have that down! Moreover, this year, we decided on the Clueless girls. Now, I know what you’re thinking: how can I make an easy look for that or are there diy costume ideas? Yes- yes to both!

We wanted to go for the iconic plaid blazer looks, since it’s the most recognizable from the film, but it wasn’t all that easy finding the best options, so I went ahead and grabbed them for you! I also want to note that these costumes can totally work for one of the easiest costume ideas for a Heathers group Halloween costume, as well, since they also wear plaid blazer sets.

90’s Fashion

Secondly, something else I like about this costume idea is that 90’s fashion is back! So these are more than just a costume, they can work for normal clothes, as well! For instance, throw on a white t-shirt and knee-high socks with these sets and you are good to go! Don’t forget their iconic cell phones! Accessories are the best part!

Our Inspiration

You can check your local Halloween stores for any costume sets they may already have, but you will have a harder time finding Tai’s look, as she mostly has her own style. But she does wear that red plaid blazer in the party scene, so we’re using that as our inspiration! Pink could work for her, as well. If you can, high heels are a must! We love any perfect excuse to dress up around here! If you need really last-minute looks, you could opt for colored sweaters and plaid skirts. For instance, a flannel shirt or yellow sweater would work! There is always a way to make an easy Halloween costume idea for the Halloween holiday!


Option 1 , Option 2, Option 3


Option 1, Option 2, Option 3


Option 1, Option 2, Option 3


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How chic is this Cher look?! I would wear this out for the day!
For Dion, this look is fantastic! So classy and you could probably wear it to work or brunch!
I’m obsessed with this look! All pink everything! It’s stunning and works for any time of year honestly.
I am loving this purple set! It’s vibrant and fun, all I can picture is this as a birthday look!
You need the phone! My girls are obsessed and think it’s hilarious.
Mary Janes are the classic Clueless look! I like the heel on these!
These are a great option for kids! They can walk all night in these and keep these in their closets for nice events, too.

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18 thoughts on “Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea”

  1. What a fun costume idea! I haven’t seen this movie in a very long time, now these outfits are making me want to watch it again. I think all of your outfits turned out wonderfully.

  2. It’s always much more fun when you create your own costume! I haven’t done anything like this in a while, but you’re never too old to get creative and have a little fun on Halloween.

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