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Kids Swimwear of the Season

Despite summer nearly being here, I just realized I don’t have any new swimsuits for the kids to wear! Concurrently, it’s time to go through everything and donate what doesn’t fit to make room for new summer necessities. Specifically, at the top of that list is bathing suits. My kids are all teens and tweens now, so shopping for swimsuits has definitely changed. I used to be able to buy them swim and they’d just wear it, but now they want to choose their suits, which is really fun for them. It kicks off the start of summer!

Here are 15 stylish kids’ swimsuits to shop from!


Get your shopping bag ready! Because I have found some of the best of the latest trends to shop from! There are so may different colors, high quality and popular options available online and in stores. When it comes to looking for a new swimsuit, style is something that is high up on the list of importance. Luckily, with summer there are a lot of classic options that never go out of style. But this year, the trends are really cool. For example, there’s cutouts, assymmetrical hems and straps, y2k inspired two-piece swimsuits and swim shorts.


While going to the beach or pool is something we all do for fun, making sure our children are protected from the sun is an important focus. And while a lot of that has to do with sunscreen, some of it can come from kids swimsuits. There are kids swimwear that have UPF protection, which is like how sunscreen is SPF, but it’s built into the swimwear. So there is double the protection for your kids! Also, rash guards are a great option if you’re looking for complete arm protection.


What is more fun than a pair of swim trunks in vibrant colors?! Solid colors are great, too, but summer screams bright colors and vibrant patterns to me! When I look for my girls’ swimwear, I tend to lean towards the floral patterns. Furthermore, bright floral prints put me in such a good mood and they never go out of style!

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I am obsessed with the LoveShackFancy swimwear for kids, always! The ruffles and floral prints can’t be beaten. This comes in a couple of different patterns/colorways.
These are a great, classic pair of swim trunks. They come in a few color options, as well!
How cute is this little bikini?! I love the print and the puff sleeve details are adorable.
Cut out details are super on trend at the moment and I love this colorblock style. What’s great about this suit is the UPF, which is like sunscreen but in the clothes!
These are some really cool swim trunks for your tween/teen boy! They are shorts that can be worn on the go or in the water and are currently on major sale!
This is such a dainty yet pretty floral print suit! Concurrently, they currently have a BOGO deal and this style comes in a few different patterns.
If you’re looking for more protection from this sun, this is a great option! The print choices are all super cute and of course, it has UPF 50+.
How fun are these swim trunks?! They just scream summer!
Another great one piece option! There are a few different colorways to choose from and the ruffle detailing is my favorite part!
These might be the perfect summer swim trunks! They’re above the knee and there are a ton of different shades to choose from, as well!
I love floral swimwear! It feels like full summer mode when there’s floral involved! Moreover, this is a great option for tweens!
I love the print on these! Markedly, the price is absolutely fantastic!
Monokini’s are a great option for swimwear! Likewise, I think the cutout on this one make it super fun and trendy!
You can’t go wrong with tie dye for the summer! Henceforth, these are perfect for everyday wear or to the pool and beach! They come in a full range of sizes from little boy to teen!
This one is for the younger kids! Indeed, I thought this print was stunning and the frills and ruffles are just way too cute!

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8 thoughts on “Kids Swimwear of the Season”

  1. Wow! Such an enormous list of shops we can choose to buy our kids their swimwear. Every shop has its own unique niche in terms of design and kids’ wants. Thanks for sharing this with us, got to check some on the list.

  2. Melanie Edjourian

    As we haven’t been away for a few years now all my kids could do with new swimwear. These all look like great options.

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