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The Best Summer Reads for Kids

Summer reading has such a bad reputation! A lot of times when people hear this term, they think of the assigned homework received from school. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Moreover, reading can be fun and done in a way that actually makes your kids look forward to it. Subsequently, that would be by them choosing their own books. Furthermore, take a moment to step away from your assigned summer reading lists and spend your summer vacation in the best ways; with a great book. Some kids get to choose their own reads for their summer reading program, while others don’t. But I think even if you can get your child to pick out one book they’d actually like to read this summer, it would be a great escape from reality while simultaneously improving their reading skills.

Your Book, Your Choice

You don’t have to have a particular love of reading in order to enjoy a good book. Undeniably, it can just happen! I know a lot of kids go away to summer camp or on a road trip and vacations, and I’d like to point out that the travel or quiet time they get with both of those things is a fun way to fit some reading time in the summer months. There are more choices these days than ever in regards to reading. You can choose a graphic novel, picture books, books about video games, comic books, funny books, a children’s magazine and so much more. New releases are also constantly happening!

Here are some things to consider when choosing book recommendations for summer break:


This is kind’ve a large category. For example, it can be meant in a literal way, where you look for books that were written specifically for your child’s age. Additionally, you can take into account all of the other homework and summer reading books your kids already have on their plate and make a decision based on that. Reading is supposed to be a fun activity, not a way to create reluctant readers.


Is there a difficult topic you want your child to learn about that maybe you don’t feel as if you have the right words to properly explain? Secondly, is your kid starting at a new school and you want to help ease their anxiety? Or do you want just mindless, fun content that is truly just an escape from reality? You can enter a magical world, go to treasure island, or even become the main character of a book all with the help of one’s imagination.

Reading Level

Now, we know age doesn’t define us anymore. There’s no reason to label ourselves by that if we don’t necessarily fit into the ‘mold’ set by who know who. Some children read at a lower level than others their age while others read higher. But there’s also the kids who read right at the level recommended, these really are things to take into consideration when looking at books. It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the book needs to feel just right. Not too difficult and not to slow for their speed.

Type of Book

When I say type of book, I mean a few different things. The first, being the physical type. We have a lot of technology these days and some kids like to read on a kindle or ipad while others like physical books. I want to remind you, there is no wrong way to read! Meanwhile, another good point is the style  or category of the book. Non-fiction books or fiction books and then we get deeper into genres like mysteries, romances, a read with big plot twists, the list goes on.

As the world gets more involved with social media, it can become more difficult to create a special space for young readers. But I’m here to help with that, hopefully! Here is a list of 15 new books to amp up the summer fun in your home!

For more book recommendations, visit here!


This brand new book is making a big change in the world! Ali Stroker’s semi-autobiographical book is all about a young girl who creates a show for her entire hometown to showcase inclusivity and representation.
Another really cute picture book that recently came out is this one! It teaches your children all about how to love themselves and have self respect.
Did you ever have lemonade stands as a child? Well in this book, everyone is having one, so when a young girl switches streets, she meets a whole new clientele.
This read is for kids 10-12 years old. It’s all about a young girl who has to come to terms with her mother’s mentall illness and acceptance.
We love a book that crushes gender stereotypes! Be who you want to be! And newsflash, the entire rainbow is inclusive.
This is definitely for your older kids! Who doesn’t want to read a brand new Harry Potter book?!
Meant for children ages 4-8, this read is perfect for summer! It teaches your little ones all about patience, creativity and cooperation.
Here’s a great read for your tweens! It’s a whole series that’s kind’ve a typical tween/teen girl book, but they really are so good. Young adult romance novels make for the best romantic comedies to come!
Rick Riordan does it again! This book recently came out and is going to fly off the shelves for the summer, so you’ll want to grab ahold of it now!
Who has a kindergartener?! Help prepare them for the first day of school with this adorable book!
I love sweet children’s books like these! Kids need to hear how loved they are more and it never hurts to build their self-confidence and tell them how great they are.
Calling all 9-11 year olds, this book is for you! This #1 New York Times Bestseller is the perfect summer read! It’s about a young boy who was born with different facial features and how important it is to accept everyone as they are. Being different is never a bad thing!
A young girl learns about her parents’ divorce on her favorite day of the week. But a true friend can fix that! Finding ways to look forward to each day are important.
This hilarious picture book teaches children that being unique is cool! Stop worrying about fitting in, when it’s more than okay to stand out and be yourself fully.
This is the most important read of the summer! Teaching our children about this day is critical and it’s told with great words in this book.

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15 thoughts on “The Best Summer Reads for Kids”

  1. Summer reading is very important! I really like this post and the variety of books you have shared. We actually signed our girls up for the schools reading camp however we have a new collection that they cannot wait to get started on at home as well. Very informative post!

  2. We’ve had the illustrated OotP on pre-order since it was available! My boys love reading those together. The only other book I’ve heard of on the list is Percy Jackson. While it’s too advanced for my boys still, I really enjoyed the series!

  3. Such an awesome post and very essential for kids to read more and be happy about it! Loved the quote too, as saying “Reading is essential to gain knowledge, and knowledge is power”.

  4. THis is really a great list of books for kids! I love the diversity and especially the fact that you included Harry Potter in there 😉

  5. These sound like wonderful books. I am familiar with Willa in the Wood, but not the others. It is good to keep kids reading all summer.

  6. Blair Villanueva

    Thanks for your book recommendations! I will add these to my list, and grab some as gifts for my niece and nephews.

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