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It’s In The Jeans

You guys, my kids are wearing jeans, and for once…loving them! I’ve always been a lover of denim, on me and my children, but as they have gotten older, for some reasons they’ve boycotted collectively them. On special occasions, I’ve convinced Ryder to put a pair on for the day, but seriously, I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen my girls in them. Jeggings (jean-leggings) yes, but real jeans never!

Hudson Jeans For Kids Hudson Jeans For Kids

I was coming to terms with their jean-less wardrobe, until I discovered Hudson Jeans for kids. A month ago, I hosted a blogger event, with 5 Star Apparel showroom, along with other influencers in attendance where we all had a first hand look at how soft and stretchy the fabrics were.

Hudson Jeans For KidsHudson Jeans For Kids Hudson Jeans For Kids

My order arrived last week, and I pled with the kids to each try on a pair, promising they wouldn’t feel stiff and uncomfortable. Siella went first, and immediately dug them, and I quote “Mom these are so soft, can I wear them to camp tomorrow.” Not kidding, I was blown away. Ryder and Gemma took note, and slipped theirs on. And, just like that, all three are back in jeans.

Hudson Jeans For Kids

I seriously couldn’t stop looking at Gem, because this truly is a whole new look for her. It’s probably the only piece of denim in her wardrobe.
Hudson Jeans For Kids Hudson Jeans For Kids

I’ve been a loyal Hudson customer for my own jeans for years, and I’m psyched that my kids can enjoy them as well. Their denim collection makes it possible for people of all ages to express their spirit and individuality. Here’s to a whole new look for my little buggers!

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  1. Your kids look super cool ! I know jeans are always the best choice for modern look but choosing good jeans brand for kids is such a matter. Thanks for sharing your option. I may give it a try

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