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Summer Mornings

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There’s nothing I love more than starting out summer mornings with a nice hot breakfast. The last two weeks the kids have been in camp, our mornings have been so hectic, there was zero time to actually prepare something special before we had to rush out the door. So this weekend, while spending time at my parents house I cooked up the kids’ favorite brekkie; homemade pancakes.

How To Balance Your Toddler's Meal

I have been told by so many people how lucky I am to have kids with good healthy eating habits. It’s reassuring to hear, because healthy food and snacks are something that I’ve strived to instill upon them, since they were babies. Ryder and Siella are always eager to try new things, which is one of their many endearing qualities. Gemma, on the other hand, is much pickier and sometimes I do worry she doesn’t always consume appropriate nutrients and vitamins daily. She’s a snacker, and while all of her snacks are pretty healthy, I rather see her eat her greens at the dinner, than a bag of kale chips.

How To Balance Your Toddler's Meal

I recently discovered Similac’s Mix-Ins powder for toddlers, and thought it could be another way to balance her meals. The Mix-Ins can be added into foods like oatmeal, pasta, apple sauce, and most other foods eaten by toddlers. These tiny packet offers protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals as well as OptiGRO, which is Similac’s unique blend of DHA, lutein and vitamin E, supporting brain, eye and overall growth and development. Not to mention, it’s non-GMO and gluten-free.

How To Balance Your Toddler's Meal

Another way to use the Mix-Ins is during cooking or baking. This weekend I made a special batch of pancakes for Gemmie, with the added Go & Grow Mix Ins, and since I had plenty of extras, I decided to freeze them to use for days or weeks later. The Mix-Ins are flavorless, and she can’t taste the difference. It’s great, because I have peace of mind knowing she’s getting what she needs, and this little active bug needs all the vitamins she can get.

How To Balance Your Toddler's Meal

I would rather not hide the spinach in Gemma’s smoothies every time, but in reality, it can take a while for some foods to appeal to certain kids. With this understanding, Abbott created these new Go & Grow by Similac Food Mix-Ins to help toddlers maintain balanced nutrition, while they are learning to eat new foods.

How To Balance Your Toddler's MealHow To Balance Your Toddler's Meal

Mix-Ins are available at all major retailers. For these locations and more information about Mix-Ins click here. Mix-Ins are for children ages 12 months to four years old, and should not be given to children older or younger than the recommended age.

How To Balance Your Toddler's Meal

Psyched to have teamed up with Similac, and we are GIVING AWAY one of these toddler mealtime-themed gift baskets, valued at more than $150, to one lucky SITC reader, to help make mealtime easier and healthier for their family. The basket includes one box of Mix-Ins, a stain remover product, a cute towel, wooden bowl, stuffed fruit or veggie, and a packet of oatmeal to be used with the Mix-Ins.

Similac Final

Leave a comment and let us know your toddler’s favorite food! I can’t wait to hear your responses, because I am always looking for fun, new ideas on what to feed the kiddies!

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15 thoughts on “Summer Mornings”

  1. I always say how happy I am we are through the toddler years… And then I see this and your adorable girls and I wouldn’t mind going back. For a few days anyway 🙂

  2. My son is a “selective” eater and we have a hard time introducing veggies. He loves fruit and Greek yogurt so these would be perfect for mixing in his yogurt. Thanks for sharing!

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