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Home Decor Made Chic

La-Z-Boy has come a long way since those old recliners you’d find in your grandparents house. You know the one…your grandpa’s favorite chair that all the grandkids played around with, cranking the arc handle like a slot machine over and over.


Well, you’ll still find those old faithfuls available at La-Z-Boy but now they have other modern pieces of furniture for the more design-oriented set—and trust me these couches are thoroughly drool-worthy. What’s more, their new iClean fabric makes your furniture practically indestructible. A feature any parent will love.

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Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you should fill your home with cheap, unappealing furniture that ruins any design aesthetic you were hoping to achieve. Well, now you can create your dream space with iClean from La-Z-Boy because it helps to prevent stains so your house stays beautiful. No more worrying about juice (ok, wine) spills or dirt-tracking pets.


iClean is a new product from La-Z-Boy that has both repellant and stain release capabilities because each and every single fiber in the fabric is coated—creating a barrier of protection for your furniture.

Let’s face it, spills happen. The best way to avoid it is by protecting your couch…and not by policing your kids every second. I can restrict my kids meal and snack time to the dining table (especially drinks) but somehow something will find it’s way to the sofa and inevitably get knocked and spilled all over. And I have to be completely honest…I’m just as guilty.

Thank goodness the fabric is dark on our couch because I can’t even count how many times something has been dripped on the couch over the years. I tried to be diligent about cleaning it in the beginning, removing all of the cushion covers to launder them…but it is such an undertaking I resorted to haphazard spot cleaning.


I have always dreamed of having a whitewash living room with pristine white couches but with three kids and two dogs that seems like the ultimate fantasy. I do need to replace our sectional but probably with something inexpensive and temporary, at least until the kids get older. I would feel more comfortable buying a pricey light-colored sofa once my kids get a bit older. But now with La-Z-Boy’s magic fabric! I can have it all without worrying about spills!

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My favorite design is the Collins…simple, sleek and so many configuration options. I’m kind of obsessed with the beachy yet modern vibe. If you’re still not adventurous enough for a white couch, there are stunning prints and other darker fabrics available. Whatever fabric color or print—as long as parents can have peace of mind when it comes to keeping their furniture looking fresh and clean—I’m sold.

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