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Indoor Games And Activities For Kids While Social Distancing

Coronavirus has a lot of us staying home. Major businesses are being closed down to help avoid the spread of this pandemic. Schools are also closing to help protect our children and communities from the virus spreading. Many households are now in full Camp Mom mode. I always try to keep a hidden toy or puzzle for a rainy day, but I never imagined a virus week! We all need to keep our children busy and stimulated for all our sanities! Whether you kids love building legos, crafting new art projects, or enjoy a family game night, there are plenty of ways for families to come together for some indoor fun during this difficult time.

A super fun activity book to teach children all the wonders of our bodies. From how fast we can run to how taste buds work this is an exciting way to educate our growing children!
This book includes 50 puzzles of 7 different types to help children build problem solving skills. It will have your kids busy having fun for awhile!
Need some quiet time? Have them color! Coloring is a great way to keep our children happy while calm and relaxed.
This is a great introductory coloring book with an endless amount of pictures and subjects for every little personality.
This is an amazing game for kids of all ages. A card game and board game all in one! An exciting game based on strategy helping children with critical thinking.
Stem games are all the rave these days. Its our future! Artie helps your child learn to code while he draws their creative designs.
Slime! I’m not sure any of us are going to get through this week without slime being mentioned. This rainbow slime kit is an all in one box for all things glitter, color, and event scents!
Lego building is a classic childhood past time but a goodie! This space shuttle was named one of the best toys of 2020 and is an amazing indoor activity to keep children busy.
We’re all in for some extra quality time this week. Lets get our kids talking with this exciting and easy family game! This game will leave your children relaxed and receptive.
Roll the dice to rack up points, but if you don’t match the color on the dice, you risk it all. A super fun game of luck that will have your kids wanting to play for hours!
Puzzles! Its times like this that puzzles are such a great peaceful activity for families to do together. They can also be incredibly educational to younger children.
My kids have created window art before and its an amazing craft while also being incredibly easy to do. With very little guidance kids can create beautiful window designs.
Let their creativity flow with a all in one craft set. This set has everything your little artist will need to make tons of fun and colorful creations.
Playdoh is a classic indoor activity many of us parents have leaned on during rainy and snowy days. All kids at all ages love playdoh!

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17 thoughts on “Indoor Games And Activities For Kids While Social Distancing”

  1. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Very thoughtful article. So many people are staying indoors and really they need to keep themselves energized and motivated. Especially difficult for kids. You have shared some good options.

  2. these are great ideas to still have fun while staying at home. a lot of us feel paralyzed when we cant go out, but in fact, there are still lots of things to do if we only know how to be creative. <3 thank you for sharing this list!

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  4. Logic puzzle would be my pick to keep the children glued on, get engaged and use their creative thoughts. In this moment if uncertainty we cannot let the children worry and hence more the need to keep them engaged.

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