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Wellness In NYC

NYC is one of the busiest cities in the world. New Yorkers too often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the cities energy and drive. But we all need a place to relax, unwind, and self care. The self-care culture often attaches itself to things like brunch with a girlfriend and/or a man pedi, which are great options, but what about our internal health? Our mind, body and soul? The city currently has amazing health and wellness businesses popping up to remind us how important it is to check in with our body and its changing needs. The list of spa’s and wellness spaces below offer amazing services for all your self-care health needs.


Ora is the hottest and newest acupuncture studio in the city. Offering a relaxing space to your everyday, Ora provides acupuncture services for many physical issues and pains. The Ora space also has a tea and tonic bar. Enjoy a variety of blends to best fit your health and wellness goals from the inside out. This is a space I immediately fell in love with when I walked in, and I cant wait to hurry back. Cupping sessions , packages, and memberships are also available .

The Well

 The Well provides acupuncture and mediation within its beautiful Union Square location. While  The Well functions mostly on a membership basis, day passes are available when wanting to initially discover their services. The location has a gorgeous front entry boutique and also has a full restaurant to enjoy a meal before or after your desired service.

Ever Body

Ever Body offers medically tested cosmetic treatments for natural looking results. Their services include injectables, high tech facials, and non-surgical body treatments like Emsculpt body conturing and laser hair removal. Ever Body is founded on a curated collection of service’s to make you look and feel your best natural self. Their staff is very information and makes the whole process seamless.


As busy New Yorkers we are so often on the go and overwhelmed with schedules, meetings, commuting, etc… Inscape is our local oasis to unwind, and get back into our bodies. Mediation is an excellent tool to help guide us in energy, breath, and motivation as we go forth back to our mundane. Inscape offers two gorgeous spaces to do just that. Guest can join a session with a single pass or a membership package. The studio also offers a well rounded boutique of health and beauty products, including a variety of CBD options. Inscape is a true NYC sanctuary.


Yinova is one of the most recommended acupuncture studios in NYC and its easy to see why! Their  3 convenient locations, include service’s  for acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and body work . While a lot of they’re practitioners are very specialized in fertility health, the studio provides their service’s  for an array of health problems one may want to address.


Heyday is one of my personal favorite spa’s  for a no frills facial while receiving excellent care. Heyday provides very specific facials for your skins very specific needs. All the facials are customized just for you through guided product recommendations and expert advice. With 7 NYC locations this is a must visit for your next facial and skincare treatment.

Quick Cryo

When Im not juggling the three kids, or in between meetings, you can find me at Quick Cryo. This is a very trendy body treatment that I’m totally loving. After my cryo appointments, I always leave feeling so much more energized, and much more like myself. Cryotherapy has been studied to help with body pain, weight loss, inflammation, preventing dementia, eczema, migraines, and so much more. And Quick Cryo really is quick! With some sessions only being 3 minutes long, its a win win for all us busy on the go New Yorkers.


We grow up learning the importance of stretching but do we continue to practice it outside of childhood and P.E? STRETCH*D is the very best reminder of how important it is on our bodies and on our energy to stretch as often as possible. Assisted stretching is the safest way to get the best stretch with the most benefits. During your session you will be guided through a number of positions and stretches that gently build your flexibility and posture, leaving you limber and relaxed. Their services also include numerous massage options for a full mind, body and soul experience.

Erase Spa

Erase Spa is your one stop shop for all things skin care. With an extended menu of facial services and treatments you’ll definitely be feeling and looking your best self. Whether your skincare concerns include acne, dark spots, aging, hydration or more, Erase Spa is guaranteed to have a treatment for you.


WTHN has quickly become a popular destination for New Yorkers and their acupuncture/ancient herb needs. WTHN’s office offers a gorgeous space while guests focus on healing their bodies for happier and healthier lives. The medicine of acupuncture and herbs has been a long time loved natural way to better our health. WTHN’s practice stays authentic this this long beloved treatment.

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  1. Wellness is so vital and this sounds like a brilliant spot to be when looking for a health and wellness experience. I will check it out if I ever am in the vicinity.

  2. wow. your photos really help me visualize this studio. i don’t think words alone could have done such a good description. i am especially curious about the room w/ the blue sofas. is that were you’re getting injections? with everyone else in same room? all disrobing?

  3. Such a wonderful information. The wellness scene in New York is getting bigger and better by the day. Wellness center is very important to restore our body to its best, prevent disease and prolong our life.

  4. I am loving all of these wellness spots. As soon as things get better to travel again I would love to check a few of these spots out!

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