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Family Guide To Covid19

These are certainly strange and unprecedented times as we collectively try to hold it together for our families. These are challenging and untested waters. But I also feel that we will get through this stronger and better together, even absent a clear path for how to proceed. I’ve come up with a chart that I made for my family and I, what our schedule will look like for the next month or so. As well as a TON of online resources we can use for home schooling to family activity ideas!

Homeschooling Ideas & References:

  • Kahn Academy – free online classes.
  • Dream box Learning – our school is connected to this and it is great for math exercises. Gemma loves it!
  • Summer Bridge Activity Workbooks – I use these every summer for my kids. Wrote a post about them here.
  • Books – Stroller In The City have been rounding up favorite books that you can order through Amazon and can be found here for kids and here for adults.
  • Scholastic is offering free online courses so your kids can keep learning while schools are closed.
  • EpicEpic! is the Leading Digital Library for Kids 12 & Under. Instantly access 35,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes & more. Popular. 5 & Under. Ages 6-8.
  • K-5 Math – This website is a math teaching resources is a leading, New York City-based math consultancy firm.
  • Ted Talks for your older kids
  • Home and Haven Online Homeschool Conference – The Home and Haven Homeschool Community is going to be hosting an ONLINE CONFERENCE for those who are currently homeschooling.

Family Activities:

  • Stroller In The City wrote a post last week on indoor activities with your kids, from board games to puzzles, we’ve got you covered.
  • Blue Balloon School – offers in-home private and small group music lessons for kids and adults.
  • Music At The Blissful – is offering live online music classes on Instagram to pass the time in doors.
  • Family Yoga – Found these classes you can do online!
  • Craft Studio – our beloved arts and craft studio in Tribeca is selling at-home kits for you to craft with your kids.
  • Have a spa night! Paint your nails, put on a mask, have a bubble bath. Trying to still have a little fun with the kiddies too!
  • Family Bike Ride – I know a quarantine is bound to come, but until then try to get outdoors with bike or scooter ride. Even a walk!


DIY Sanitizer in A Time of Need – Just because the shelves are out of stock, does not mean we can’t utilize our own smarts and precautions by creating at-home anecdotes which have been proven over thousands of years to fight virus, bacteria, fungus, and pandemic.
1 oz coconut oil
1 oz witch hazel
1 oz isopropyl alcohol
6 oz tea tree oil drops
Option to add Lavendar, Eucalyptus or lemon essential oil (best if therapeutic grade)
1 Spray bottle
Ways to help and where to donate:
Support your local businesses – Bars and restaurants will be closing in New York City as of Tuesday March 17th. But you can still order a pizza or take out.


From our friends a Yoga Sprites:

Resetting the Parasympathetic Nervous System – there was never a better time than now, to create a 10 minute peaceful practice of “resetting the nervous system”. Our parasympathetic nervous system ignites a “fight or flight” syndrome, thus creating more anxiety and overwhelm than rational or necessary. Our bodies respond under pressure and false alarm, so this practice can help you stay in the present moment and without panic.

An Alternative – Take control, by sitting down, with a lengthened spine, feet flat on the floor, and Inhale through your nose, Exhale longer, from the mouth. (I.e. Inhale for 4 seconds, but exhale for 8 seconds.) This practice can last 3-11 minutes, but will truly reset the body’s mode to fight or flight response. Best thing you can give your family this week! A total perspective shifter. Tuning into your own breath, is the key to tuning out the stress of our current environment.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine – Maintaining a state of optimal wellness, by adding garlic, onion, curcumin, or tumeric (fresh is best but granulated good too!) to all sauteed dishes, even lycopene via sauteed tomato peels and fruit. Proteins, anti-inflammatory food choices, and plenty of hydration… fruits over sugar, avocados for a solid boost, nuts for energy, low dairy to ease inflammation & you’re taking the best care of yourself that you can. The body need be a powerhouse to fend off any uninvited germs, so add these food options to your arsenal. Caution on stress induced choice making, we are powerhouses of energy, let’s maximize that for health sustenance.
The Supplement Tool Box – Scientific research has already proven that Covid 19 is kept at bay with Zinc. OTC a simple choice. Always refer to your doctor or pharmacist if taking any prescription meds. These are purely supplemental boosts that can strengthen our immunity or nurture prevention.

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20 thoughts on “Family Guide To Covid19”

  1. Some great ideas and pointers for how a family should deal with the current outbreak.
    I think it has caught many people off guard while many should have been more cautious before.
    Thanks for sharing this and I agree that there are still a lot fun things to do at home – knycx journeying

  2. This is a very informative post at this point of time. There is so much demand for sanitizer. This post will help us to make sanitizers at home.

  3. You have a great and useful family guide and I think all of us should have set these guidelines to prevent of having this virus and for us to enjoy our time being at home with our family while resolving this health issue. Keep praying and be safe everyone!

  4. every situatuin has two sides, and let’s use one of it in this amazing way, it’s really great time to spend it with your family!

  5. It’s gonna be challenging with kids around the house all the time during the lockdown. Thanks for sharing all this links and ideas.

  6. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Well thought of nice guide. It is really challenging to spend indoors especially with kids. We need to keep them constantly engaged else they try to be cranky.

  7. We’re quarantined at home and have no minutes outside at all. 🙁 It’s tough to keep us all sane but I’m liking your schedule and ideas! We’ll implement it to our routine.

  8. What a great guide to help keep your family healthy and safe. A lot of great tips that I can use right away.

  9. Going to be a tough old time for families stuck inside for long periods of time, this post is so useful and I’m sure my friends with kids with enjoy it when I send it to them

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