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Supplies Simplified

August 1st hit and I am literally one big ball of angst, fearing the end of summer is looming. Last week, we were sweltering while walking the streets, and this week the kids complained that they were chilly, during our morning commute to camp. I know we still have about four weeks left, but how did the first half fly by so quickly. With this on my mind, I’ve scurried to plan last minute getaways, and day trips to the beach with friends, while simultaneously ordering back to school supplies and clothes. While summer days are long, the weeks and months do not seem long enough.


When it comes to shopping for back to school items, I’ll admit I love the clothing and sneaker part. The kids have their own sense of style now, and they’ve become extremely vocal about what they like and don’t like. But when it comes to school supplies, I take the lead and this year I turned to Jet.com, which has calmed some my anxiety. I remember as a child on the first day of school, coming home from with a list of supplies, and running to a local store, only to find shelves completely empty or picked over. Nowadays, kids are given the list over the summer, to help better prepare for the first day.


With the list in hand, it was easy to shop the Jet.com site, to find not only everything we needed, along with a few extras as well. I always like to start the new school year with fresh pencils and crayons, because it help gets the kids excited about the new year. With Siella entering kindergarten, it’s even more important she’s ready for the next step. We even talked about her and Ryder starting to share the desk in their playroom, so they both have a place to do their work, and store their school stuff.


On Jet.com, I took advantage of their everyday prices, watching some prices even drop as you shop, while being offered super fast delivery. As a Jet shopper, you get real, meaningful savings when you shop without having to enter in coupon codes. I placed my order for the kiddies, and the next day about 50% of my items arrived at my door. The remainder came that following day.


It’s a genius idea, because in addition to back to school supplies, they act as one huge department store online, offering everything like clothing, home goods, grocery items, health and beauty products, and even pet supplies.


Here is the list of school supplies required from our school, and I was able to find all of it on Jet! Let’s see if I can keep the kids away from them, before the first day of school.

U Brands U Brands Binder Clips Paper Clips and Push Pins Value Pac…

Avery Avery Disappearing Color Permanent Glue Stic 98071, Pack …

BIC BIC Brite Liner Retractable Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Fluo…

Scotch Scotch Tape Dispenser

Scotch Scotch Magic Tape Refill

Mead Square Deal Black Marble Comp Book

Crayola Crayola 64 ct. Star Wars Limited Edition Crayons

Post-it Post it Notes Original Pads

Oxford Oxford Printable Index Card

Oxford Divide It Up Four-Pocket Poly Folder

Officemate OIC Designer Easy Grip Ruler

iScholar No. 2 Yellow Pencils with Erasers

Helix Pencil Cap Erasers, 15 Pk

Thrilled to now be checking school supplies off our list, and I will probably do the remainder of my BTS shopping online, leaving more time to enjoy time with the kids outside or at the beach, with playtime only on the agenda.

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3 thoughts on “Supplies Simplified”

  1. I LOVE school supplies! I did all of my BTS shopping online though because the thought of dragging my kids and waiting in those awful lines just makes my skin crawl.

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot of work to get that all together. I hope your kids appreciate it all. p.s. I know they don’t now, but when they have kids of their own they will!

  3. Since I was a kid, I’ve been really into BTS shopping. Now, I’m going to end up spending more time than I should on jet.com checking out their offerings.

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