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Heritage Keepsakes

Siella’s love for the American Girl Dolls started two months ago, on her fourth birthday. Our first trip to the store was a magical experience for her, but I think it was equally as memorable for Jason and I watching her browse all the shelves, loaded with dolls and accessories, carefully studying each and every one. We had no idea which one she would choose, and tried not to interfere, leaving the decision to her.

I urged her to take her time, so she scoured every floor, and finally by the third level, she spotted a Bitty Baby with blonde hair, green eyes, and she said, with sheer confidence that she was the one. I have to say, Jason and I were expecting her to go for an older doll, but as it turns out, a baby seemed like the perfect introduction into the American Girl collection.

When asked what her name would be, Siella bellowed Heart Star. In the past, she would change the names of her dolls and toys, but Heart Star was here to stay. She totes the precious baby everywhere we go, changes her outfits daily, and cares for her special doll. I’m really proud of the way she has taken on the responsibility, which she had never done with other dolls.

Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl

This week, I received an invitation from the American Girl store, to celebrate the launch of their new BeForever character doll Maryellen Larkin, a 1950’s inspired doll. The flagship location arranged a host of activities throughout the day, I thought it would be fun to bring Siella back to the store, along with Heart Star.

Our afternoon started with brunch at the American Girl Cafe, a first time experience for the both of us. When we seated, our server brought over a highchair for her baby, and the excitement on her face was was everything. She ordered all by herself, and we enjoyed our meal, chatting and giggling the entire time.

Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl

Once brunch ended, we headed over to check out the newest character, Maryellen. She comes wearing a sweet striped swing dress, little crochet blue cardigan, and black Mary Jane shoes. There are so many clothing options for her, but my two of my favorites include an ice skating outfit, and the classic 1950’s poodle skirt, that includes a little dog, named Scooter. The celebration was wrapped up with performance, inspired by 1950’s swing dance music, and a cool activity stations, where she crafted fun cat eyed glasses for herself and her baby.

Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl

Our entire trip home, Siella started talking about how much she adored the “big” dolls, at American Girl. In anticipation of her continued love for American Girl Dolls, I had planned to give her her own big girl doll on her first day of pre-k or Christmas. Witnessing her excitement from meeting Maryellen Larkin, I couldn’t resist and gave it to early, when we arrived home. She totally flipped, and I made her promise to share it with Gemma, and take extra care of it. So just like that, we are now fully into American Girl heritage keepsakes in our house, and I can only imagine what her Christmas list will look like.

Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl Heritage Keepsakes From American Girl

And I’m even more psyched to offer the newest BeFoever Maryellen Larkin to one luck Stroller In The City reader! Good luck friends! (Giveaway closed.)

Newest American Girl Maryellen Larkin


This post was sponsored by American Girl.

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31 thoughts on “Heritage Keepsakes”

  1. When we showed our daughter pictures of the dolls she said she likes kit, but this newest doll looks more like my daughter, I’ll have to show her and see what she says. She is very picky with stuff having to be a specific one so we shall see.

  2. Heather Robertson

    Love them all! As a little girl I adored Samantha but I begged for a doll each Christmas. I cannot wait for my daughter to share the same love for these dolls!

  3. My little ones love the Bitty Babies but have yet to see any in person. I can’t wait until we visit family in Chicago so we can plan a trip to American Girl. I will never forget my cousin’s face when we took her, for her fourth birthday too, and I can’t wait to see that again with my girls!

  4. My favorite American Girl is Mckenna, the girl of the year 2012. Her books are the first American Girl books I had. I don’t have any dolls, but I really love American Girl.

  5. Kristine Barrett

    I love the Truly Me dolls, my daughters have completely opposite characteristics from each other and it would be fun to find dolls that match them! 🙂

  6. Ohh so cute! Molly was my favorite but I do love the new Grace. My daughter would love to have Maryellen and my mom would love to tell her all about the 1950s!

  7. My niece has lots of gavorites but I think Kristen is her favorite. She doesnt have an AG doll but has wanted one for years now.

  8. I love Samantha. Funny story, my daughter was born a preemie and that Christmas she was small enough to fit in an American Girl doll dress for our Christmas card. We eventually sent that dress to my sister for my niece. She’s almost 5 now.

  9. American Girl is new to me so I don’t have a favorite yet. My granddaughters are 6 and 4 and just started asking for one. I think they would love it.

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