American Girl Debuts Tenney

Over the past few months, Siella and Gemma have become obsessed with music and dancing. Whether on a long car ride, or chilling at home, they’ve been quite vocal on what is played, learning the lyrics to their favorite tunes, and choreographing little dance numbers to each. And now with our Alexa speaker, they are constantly asking her to turn up their jams. Ryder has even joined in, less the dancing. If you’ve ever peeked at my insta-story, you are sure to find a solo, or dance party performance rocking out in the Manz residence. Not sure what their singing and dancing could eventually turn into, but if I can encourage it in any way, I am all for it.

This year American Girl is introducing a new series of contemporary characters and stories, designed to speak to even more girls’ interests, backgrounds, and experiences. The fresh approach gives voice to a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds and new ways for girls to connect. Just launched this February the newest character, Tenney Grant. An ordinary doll may not tie to music, but the story behind Tenney is that of a rising star from the Nashville music scene, who is a breakout songwriter finding the heart to be herself. Her unique outfit reflects her artistic side, and a book included explains her story. When Siella found the book in the the box, she couldn’t wait for me to read it aloud.

The Tenney collection also comes with several music-inspired outfits and accessories, including a miniature version of an authentic Taylor GS Mini guitar, which can be strummed and plays three songs. There is even a two-sided stage and dressing room. All sold separately. And even more exciting news, Tenney’s drummer is newcomer Logan Everett, American Girl’s first-ever boy character. The Logan’s Doll includes an 18-inch doll with short brown hair, gray eyes, an original outfit, as well as his very own rhythmic drum set. When the girls learned about the new boy character, Gemma perked up, and asked for him as a birthday present, so she could have a pretend little brother.

Two years ago, when we bought our first American Girl doll on 5th Avenue, if you asked me what I thought we were getting ourselves into, I wouldn’t have realized how special they can be. Their collection of heirloom dolls will likely be passed on to their children, and the thought of that makes me feel great.

To celebrate, I will be giving away a Tenney Doll on my Instagram Feed! Good luck and hope to see you there!

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18 thoughts on “American Girl Debuts Tenney”

  1. Pam Wattenbarger

    My daughter always loved American Girl dolls. She had several of them! They have really branched out in recent years.

  2. I told myself I would never buy an AG doll for my daughter…too expensive, etc. Well guess what, we now have 2 and they have a special place in her heart. I love AG is introducing new characters, with interesting background stories. It is true they are coming out with a new Asian AG doll?

  3. My girls just love these dolls ( but they don’t have one). They are very cute dolls but I can’t get past the price.

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