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Getting Fit At Home With The DB Method

This past year, I’ve pivoted so much, I think we all have. With so many twists and turns, something I actually benefitted from was really focusing on my health. I always get on exercise kicks and then fall off because life gets too busy, but this year I’ve actually stuck with my wellness routine. Keeping my body healthy and fit ensures that I can accomplish all the things in life that I want as a mother, businesswoman, and more.

The other reason I’m passionate about fitness is that it’s a great confidence booster. When I look and feel good physically, I get a mental boost, as well. That’s why I love The DB Method and their new app. The DB Method is a full-body workout machine that helps tone your entire body but especially your bum. I’ve been using the machine for about four weeks now, and I’m already starting to feel and see results! I think most of us want a tighter, firmer, more shapely booty, and The DB Method helps us do that while also improving our overall health.

It’s an affordable machine that adjusts our body position to shift the center of gravity to hyper-target the glutes while it delivers a full-body workout, as well. It also features available accessories to allow us to continue to grow our home gyms however we see fit, adjusting to our individual needs.

On top of the machine itself, The DB Method App makes getting fit at home easier and more fun. The app offers a ton of new classes and multi-week fitness challenges designed around specific fitness goals. These classes are instructed by some of the most beloved fitness professionals in NYC. The app brings a boutique fitness studio experience to your home, and you can even earn achievements to help you stay motivated and track your progress.

The DB Method shifts weight into the hips for targeted squats that strengthen the glutes.  It has been shown that stronger glutes can realign and stabilize the sacrum, enabling better structural conditions and improved health for the pelvic floor.   A healthy pelvic floor has been shown to decrease the damage to these muscles during pregnancy, as well as making labor and delivery less risky.  In addition, glutes are the foundation of posture, and keeping them strong can help support the hips and lower back muscles as the body undergoes the structural changes that occur during pregnancy.

I’m not the only one who loves The DB Method machine and app. Celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross, the Kardashian/Jenner family, Hailey Beiber, Martha Stewart, and Ayesha Curry all sing the praises of this machine and its companion app.

If you’ve been looking to make getting fit at home a part of your daily routine, give The DB Method and its companion app a look. You’ll have access to an affordable machine that offers a whole-body workout that targets your booty heavily, so you’ll get the best of everything. You’ll also have access to so many great workouts, achievements, and more with the app, so you’ll stay motivated to do more.

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17 thoughts on “Getting Fit At Home With The DB Method”

  1. Machines like this are great for the many different types of workouts you can do with them. And yes, being physically fit does have a large impact on mental health as well!

  2. Melanie williams

    It can be hard to keep fit at the moment. I tend to go for a walk and/or a long run even if it rains it is still relaxing

  3. That looks like an excellent machine! I love how it targets the entire body without needing a ton of equipment.

  4. I am afraid of going outside due to pandemics and I think this product is really good for me to stay fit while inside my home.

  5. That sounds like an amazing product to check out sometime. It’s great to workout right now especially since we can’t go out that much so we can do something productive in the meantime.

    1. Actually you totally can! I mentioned to them that my assistant was pregnant and they told me she could totally use it. I would research workouts for preggers with it! xx

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