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Summer Camps In New York City

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I cannot even believe we are nearing the end of March already. All I can think about is the spring and summer months ahead. Anyone else? Last year, I didn’t give in-person summer camps a thought as we were in the middle of a global pandemic, but this year I’m ready to scout in-person camps this summer for my kids. With my busy schedule, and three children with three different interests, looking for the right camp can be a bit overwhelming but this year, I’m turning to Sawyer to help me navigate! They have become my best resource when it comes to classes for kids and truly have you and your family covered this summer!

Sawyer is a must for all classes and camps for kids. Offering over 3,000 online classes, as well as in person classes and camps, Sawyer is guaranteed to bring your kids tons of fun filled education. Sawyer is currently reserving spots for campers from infant to 15+! From storybook adventures, cooking, an array of art camps, theater, dance, nature exploration, how to build a website, and more Sawyer truly offers amazing resources for all ages. Not only is there a camp or class for any age, but Sawyer also offers free activities too! We’ve taken several classes through Sawyer, one of our favorites – a cooking class with Freshmade, Gemma just had this one over the weekend! They made bagel bombs, which were absolutely delicious!

I’ve created a favorites page on Sawyer to help you navigate which camp may be right for you and your little one! Here’s a glimpse of everything they offer!

STEM Summer Camps

From coding and gaming for kids to robot building and chess lessons for teens, science camps are full of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity. 

Sports Summer Camps

Calling all athletes! Do your children want to brush up on their soccer in Central Park? Or run around during open play down in DUMBO? No matter what sports you play, summer camp in New York has you covered. 

Art Summer Camps

From crafting ceramics during a pottery class to perfecting your grilled cheeses in cooking camp, art camp isn’t just drawing and painting — regardless of the art camp you’re searching for, the perfect one exists in New York.

Performance Arts Summer Camps

Go from the Broadway audience to the main stage! This summer, let your children develop their acting skills, dance moves, and music voice during performance art camp. From jazz and piano lessons to ballet and tap dancing camps, there’s an option for all interests and abilities.

Outdoor Summer Camps

With a city as big and exciting as New York, the outdoors need to be explored! Get ready for adventures around the city with the best educators in town.

Academic Summer Camps

Trust us, there’s nothing better than falling in love with reading during a storytime class, or immersing yourself in Spanish and French language classes. When it comes to academics in the summer, they’re always a blast in the Big Apple.

I can’t recommend using Sawyer enough, as they take the research work out for parents and only recommend the best of the best! I’m so excited to start exploring summer camps with them!

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15 thoughts on “Summer Camps In New York City”

  1. Sawyer sounds like a great camp! I’ve always loved summer camps for kids, and Sawyer is exactly the kind of camp that makes me feel that way.

  2. Summer camps are a great way for kids to learn so much and make new friends. We’ve always loved them for our kids. Sawyer sounds like a great camp!

  3. I think it’s amazing that kids can learn, have fun, and get the full camp experience in their own homes like this. It’s the best of interaction and safety.

  4. That seems like a great selection of summer camps! It is such a useful thing to have handy over the holidays whether we are working parents or not.

  5. It is good for the kids to go to summer camps as they can learn and have fun at the same time. I just wish this pandemic will go away so that everybody can enjoy this spring break.

  6. over 3000 classes – wow that is a lot of options! I am glad that these summer camp options are available. We did not really have camp when I grew up in Germany, but I am sure, I would have enjoyed some of those classes, as a kid – blessings!

  7. Wow! There are so many different options. There is something for every interest, this looks amazing. I love all the options for kids to really explore.

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