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Hamptons Summer Workouts to Get Your Sweat On

We’ll be heading out east for the summer soon and getting my workouts all planned out is something I am excited for! I have my favorite workout routines and trainers in the city and I’ve been working hard to find some great spots in the Hamptons. There are a lot of factors that go into the perfect exercise spots- we need some flexibility for our busy schedules between work and the kids’ camp, routines that not only give great results, but are also fun and a great price. Results and good endorphins are what I look for!

These are the best workouts in the Hamptons to get your sweat on this summer:


You already know I have to start with a personal favorite! This is one of the most fun workouts I’ve ever done! It’s basically a dance class but they have moves that really help sculpt your body. They have a variety of classes to choose from, that range from quick 30 minute sessions to sculpting classes, there is a program for everyone! DanceBody also gives you a virtual option and they live stream classes 7 days a week. The prices are great and the workout is even better! Grab friends and go sweat! Check out my 30 day challenge with them here!


Secondly, this is the best option for everyone because it’s online! Bande is a boutique fitness business that has over 100 live virtual classes each week! They have a variety of classes to choose from like cardio sculpt or dance, pilates, kickboxing, HIIT, barre and yoga. Bande gives you a complete studio experience at home and all classes are interactive, so you can chat with people or ask your instructor questions. They offer a few different membership options or you could pay a drop in rate of $15/class, which I think is great. You can’t beat their prices! Another fun thing is they have in person classes in the Hamptons during the summer for anyone interested.


Thirdly, I absolutely love this workout because it focuses on functional movement and all of their moves imitate how our bodies move in real life situations. There’s no more joint pain after exercising! They use resistance based equipment and integrate it with active joint movement to strengthen your muscles. No more worries about shin splints or overly sore muscles. The sets involve you rotating all around to support any way your body could move that day. P.volve has several different class formats, membership plans and offer personal training sessions. With locations in New York, LA, Chicago and virtual options, this could be great for everyone!

Killed By Kiki

This is a tough workout! Kiki is a barre teacher who creates workouts that target underused muscles. Another great workout to ensure your muscles are being properly used. She is fun and is in the Hamptons in the summers teaching classes! Her routines will work out your core, improve posture and flexibility all while giving you lean muscles. You can book a private session or join a socially distanced class. She has virtual classes and in person options. This is a great workout that will leave you feeling so accomplished afterwards!


SLT stands for strengthening your core, lengthening your limits and toning your body. The workouts focus on controlled movements, counter-resistance and slow-twitch muscle fibers for lengthy endurance. SLT offers different levels of classes so you can work your way through difficulty levels. It’s a popular fitness location and they have tons of locations to choose from. There are studios all over NYC, East and South Hampton and others on the east coast. This will be the best sweat of your life!


One of my absolute favorite workouts is SoulCycle. I feel like I get an amazing workout all while having fun. The instructors make the classes feel like you’re just there working out with friends. They pride themselves on having instructors who take the classes through an inspirational and meditative journey– and they definitely live up to that. They have the rooms dark and music playing that pumps you up. The entire experience makes you feel like the main character in your life! You need special shoes for the bikes which you can rent from them for $3 or bring your own that are compatible with their bikes. You purchase classes either one at a time or up to 50! If you’re looking for a fun workout to bring friends to, this is it! And they are all over the country, so if you’re not in the Hamptons this summer you can find one near you.


Moreover, another great virtual option is Openfit! They offer endless on demand workouts with phenomenal trainers and they have the best prices I have ever seen. They are now on BODi and it’s a pretty low price monthly for these classes! With choices like 4 week focus, sound meditation, xtend barre and beginner pilates, this app has something for everyone. Additionally, they offer an in app nutrition tracker for anyone interested. You’ve gotta check them out!

Tracy Anderson

If you haven’t heard of Tracy Anderson, let me tell you, you’re about to obsessed. Tracy has a personal connection to fitness and has done a ton of research to be able to help everyone, regardless of their body types, genetic backgrounds and hormonal imbalances to create complete balance in the body. I always like when it’s more than a workout, but nutritional value and hormones taken into consideration. She’s worked with celebrities and everyone has access to her routines and recipes. Tracy has a dancer background and used that to kickstart her fitness business that not only focuses on physical health, but mental, as well. You can also take her virtual classes with several levels to choose from and payment plans, so they are available to everyone!


Located at Gurneys Resort, this class is free and there are different workout styles ranging from pilates to yoga to HIIT to bootcamp, etc. The view of the marina is stunning and you get to work with the best FlexIt trainers. This is an app with trainers for virtual exercises, so this is another great option that is available to everyone. For the free Hamptons class, you can register on their site to secure your spot!

Elements Barre

If you’re a fan of barre workouts, this one is for you! They are located in East Hampton and offer both private and virtual trainings. They aim to create a stronger work/life balance through healthy lifestyle choices and they do a great job at it. Elements offers several different wellness programs to choose from, including corporate with aims to insert wellness into the office. This is a must do program!


This is an important one! Stretching, especially before/after workouts is important and often overlooked. Stretch’d is a place that offers one on one assisted stretch sessions. Not only will this help you perform better, avoid injuries and recover quickly, but it can also help to de-stress you. All of the sessions are customized and they do the stretching for you! You can go to their locations in NYC, Rye Brook and the Hamptons, they can come to you anywhere in NYC, the Hamptons and Westchester or you can do a virtual session with an expert and they can help instruct you on special stretching moves just for you. Just choose from their session selection either by minute, pre/post natal, full body assessment or any of their many other sessions and book! With the virtual option, everyone can try this out!

Equinox x Hamptons

Equinox is officially in Bridgehampton and we are ready! The well known gym is a great place to do all things fitness. There are group fitness classes, outdoor settings, strength training, juices and so much more. How could you not want to check out the facility?!


Barry’s Bootcamp is a very popular workout spot in NYC and the Hamptons! It’s one of those places that has built such a great community. The instructors feel like family and are incredibly motivational. I have to say, it’s a hard one! Be prepared to sweat! You can choose from their HIIT workouts or their Double Floor option, which involves using free weights. If you’re eager to try it out, you can use their code IRL to get 50% off our First-Timer 3 Pack.

Topping Rose House

Did you know Topping Rose House has fitness classes? It’s a beautiful and serene setting with amazing workouts! They offer Bounce essentials, strength training, stretching, sculpting and more. A majority of the workouts will involve shoes needing to be worn, so make note of that. If you want to feel like the best version of yourself, check out their classes!

Mivana Move

Located in East Hampton, Mivana move is the next level workout you’ve been looking for, to get the best summer body! The founder, Marissa, is a former dancer who has curated classes to create the ultimate workout program! It’s a barre sculpt dance training program that will kick you into shape! I love to do these classes in the warm weather out east!

Isaac Boots

I cannot even tell you guys how obsessed with Isaac I am! He’s a celebrity trainer and dance choreographer who has his own fitness method called TORCH’D. Through this method, he mixes fitness with pop dance moves and not only is it a blast, but you get the best workout in! I do his workouts from home in the city all the time! He works on body resistance and repetition and combines those with dance conditioning to give you the body of your dreams. Everyone check him out!


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