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Game Changing The Way I Clean

As many of you know by now, we live in a small New York City apartment, and while our space is not big at all, I do find, I’m always cleaning it. One thing out of place makes it look as though everything is a mess. During quarantine, I tried my best to clean out every single closet and drawer imaginable! I’ve also tried new cleaning supplies, and also discovered the new Shark VACMOP which is seriously a game changer!

Even now, with life moving a bit slower, I’m still always on the lookout for ways to make cleaning easier. Let’s face it. Cleaning is no fun. We used to have to vacuum and then mop to get them clean, which is an entire ordeal. You have to drag out the vacuum, then you have to drag out the mop. With the Shark VACMOP, easy cleaning is definitely a reality.

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Want to know how to #LiveYourMessLife ..let me introduce you to the Shark VACMOP from @sharkcleaning #SponsoredByShark. This new cordless, lightweight, hard-floor system is a major GAME CHANGER when it comes to cleaning. The #SharkVACMOP combines powerful vacuum suction and spray mopping for a complete clean – all-in-one disposable pad. With three kids, things can get messy around here so I tested out how well the Shark VACMOP cleaned up a very relatable mess in my house… flour and oil. The disposable Shark VACMOP pad trapped all of the debris inside while also absorbing the wet mess – plus you can toss the pad away with just one click. I’m seriously blown away it was able to clean that gross mess and I’m serious when I say everyday cleaning has never been easier with VACMOP!

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The Shark VACMOP is a two-in-one, hard floor cleaning machine that helps my family get our floors done fast and efficiently, which we all love. It features the powerful suction power of the Shark vacuum combined with a disposable pad. The particles on the floor are suctioned up with the vacuum and trapped in the pad. As we vacuum, you can dispense cleaning solution on areas of the floor that need a little extra cleaning and the pad soaks that right up, too. The pad has four layers, so it traps everything like a champ, including pet hair. We can also toss out the used pad with a simple click. And you never have to touch it.

In addition to its convenience in cleaning, it’s also convenient in two other ways. It’s lightweight and cordless. Weighing in at less than five pounds and featuring a lithium-ion battery, it’s a great machine that even my kids can use to help me and their dad keep the house clean. I love how easy it is for us to vacuum, mop, and simply toss away the pad. We get our cleaning done fast so there’s no whining from my kids or from me.

If you have hard floors, I highly recommend the Shark VACMOP. It makes easy cleaning a real game changer when it comes to your floors, and I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

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10 thoughts on “Game Changing The Way I Clean”

  1. That looks like a great product. I may need to look in to this more. I’m sure it would be helpful around my house, especially with my cats and kids.

  2. Oh my goodness, that look so nice and I can say that this is all I need right now in cleaning my entire house.

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