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Lucy Paris launches Female Empowerment line

Lucy Paris has done an amazing job of making every day a fashionable day, with looks ranging from simple tees to dresses, pants, jumpers, skirts, and more. They keep the looks simple, and that’s really what makes them shine so much. Rather than trying to throw everything but the kitchen sink at a piece, they take what works and give it a quick dip in modern sensibilities, making for looks that are both simple and simply amazing.

Their newest offerings perfectly embody their approach to fashion, with looks that are flirty, fun, and sassy but still remain down to earth and perfect for everyday wear, from the office to a trip to the grocery store and everything in between. I love all of their looks, but the two I took home were actually tees. I’m all about Female Empowerment and these new tee’s are just that.

My first pick was a simple white tee with “FEMININ” printed across the front. As we all know, the tee-shirt is a great base for everyday fashion. It pairs well with skirts, pants, and you can dress it up with fun accessories in your outfit as well. This tee features a classic sleeve and neck with that simple, yet powerful “FEMININ” print across the front in a fun pink color and a nice, bold font.

My next pick was the I’m with Her tee. This is another simple but sassy tee. It features a classic tee cut with no frills. The cute graphic on the right front shoulder does all the work! The graphic features the words “I’m with her” in a lovely script font with five different “kissy” mouth styles surrounding it that make the shirt so simple, yet so cute! I really love it.

Whether you’re looking for a tee-shirt, romper, skirt, dress, top, or pants, Lucy Paris has something that you’ll feel extra sassy in. With a combination of classic ideas married to modern finishes, Lucy Paris does modern fashion right while still paying homage to all the best parts of the fashion that came before it.

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9 thoughts on “Lucy Paris launches Female Empowerment line”

  1. This shirt looks so comfy. I’m always looking for a high quality shirt that still looks cute, too. I can’t wait to check out this brand!

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