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Back To Learning Backpacks

I recently published my back to learning fashion & supplies guide, but with so many playful and fun backpack designs I was inspired to share more of my favorite options. Backpacks are not only essential for students in keeping together their belongings, but they serve as a great way to allow our little students to express their personalities. My kids love choosing a new backpack as they grow into their personalities year after year. I know many of us are keeping our kids home this year, but even from home a backpack can be widely useful in keeping the school like structure.

This backpack is a little girls dream! A gorgeous metalic pink with fun floating sequins.
This super unique sprinkle design has the coolest texture. My daughter Siella is obsessed with it and I can’t blame her.
I love the throwback skater feel to this backpack. A great option for tweens and teens!
I love the classic chic look to this colorblock backpack. A great option for any personality or household.
I love the cool girly vibes this backpack offers. The tie dye is so trendy and love never goes out of style!
This set is an all in one package! With four different color options and all under $25! The best deal I have found by far.
I find this print to be so cute and fun. Its playful and silly while not too loud.
How cute is this? The perfect little backpack for preschool or daycare. So fun and unique.
Who doesn’t love unicorns? Unicorns are a fan favorite with little girls and I know how popular this option would be in any home.
I love a metallic backpack. This option if full pf personality with a busy print or loud logo.
This reflective option is totally unique. Featuring fun sayings its a fun but subtle bag.
I always love a personalized option. This bright camouflage is a great choice for any little boy looking to put their mark on their backpack.
Liewood Designs is one of my favorite Scandinavian brands. Always offering gorgeous options for all things kids!
How cute is this mermaid print? Mermaids have long been one of my favorite mythical creatures.
This ideal carryall features a loop handle at top, side pockets and a zippered compartment at front. Below, a large bow sash makes a feminine statement.

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2 thoughts on “Back To Learning Backpacks”

  1. Found the remote learning info I was looking for! A mom blogger in Texas showed how she organized all four of her kids for remoting learning with plastic bins! Each bin holds their MacBook, white board, clipboard and calculator. On cardstock, she typed out their login and password and taped it to the side of the bin. I duplicated it exactly and now feel so organized and ready for school to begin!

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