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2019 Back To School Guide & Giveaway!

So excited to share with you Stroller In The City’s fourth annual Back To School Guide and Giveaway! We scouted everything you need for a stylish and trendy new school year. Some of these brands have become my favorites over the years, and some are recently discovered gems I’m psyched to introduce. Since all of these vendors offer different product lines, you will be completely set up for the back to school season. And the best part, one lucky SITC reader will have the chance to WIN the entire guide!

GIVEAWAY will include:

  • Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back To School Combo
  • 3 Pottery Barn Kids backpacks of your choice
  • Six-month supply of Gryph and IvyRose Probiotic Chocolate Hearts
  • $100 gift cart to use online or in one of the brand’s 9 stores across the US
  • 2 Parkland Snack Bags of your choice
  • 1 Maxi Deluxe MicroKick Scooter
  • Tick Talk 3 Watch
  • RETHINK aasortment of waters

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151 thoughts on “2019 Back To School Guide & Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve started getting things organized and I made a before and after school schedule for my kids, but we still have a few weeks of summer left so I have time for the rest of my “To-Do” List! Thank you for this amazing giveaway 🙂

  2. With 6 kiddos going to school a list is a must!!! I would definitely love a chance to help cover the backpacks off my list!! There is always so much to do even when starting early. Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  3. Organizing the shopping list and setting the date to take them shopping – making it a fun day. Enlisting the kids to go through the clothes to make room for the new school year. The backpacks would be awesome!

  4. We are trying to pack all we can into the last days of summer! I have been on Pinterest finding some school lunch recipes because lunches are always my biggest BTS challenge!

  5. We are preparing for BTS by going through and organizing the kids clothes. We are preparing our BTS list and checking off the last of our things to do this summer checklist.

  6. I haven’t even started thinking about getting ready for back to school but after reading this post I am motivated to get started!

  7. We try to keep the kids oblivious to back to school to keep the craziness down. They only have input on backpack, lunch bag, and organizing notebook. The rest we acquire peacefully.

  8. I make a list and start buying thing here and there so I am not stuck buying it all a week before school starts

  9. I’ve been hitting all the sales. With 4 kids is very expensive. They all have different styles so it’s been rough.

  10. I prepare for back to school by getting my kids up a bit earlier the last week of summer vacation. I try to get them back into a routine with earlier to bed, and a bit earlier to wake up in the morning.

  11. So many cool items! You really got me interested with Gryph & Ivyrose as I´ve recently watched Food Diaries’ video where Karolina Kurkova shares healthy recipes, and I loved them sooo much! I believe Gryph & Ivyrose products must be amazing as well!

  12. Shayna Brookman

    I wait for all the deals and online coupon codes. I usually start back to school shopping around the middle of August ?

  13. I have been preparing for BTS since school let out. I buy most of the school clothes in August because that’s when I see the best deals.

  14. I start back to school shopping in the first week of August because If I wait to long there is not a lot left.

  15. Those backpacks are too cute! They must have the cutest backpacks in their classes. Plus, they look super happy. 🙂

  16. to be honest I haven’t started back to school prep yet. My kids go back on Sep. 3 so in the next few weeks I will be buying new shoes and sorting out school supplies

  17. where did summer go. it went by so fast. started to buy school supplies and school clothes for my grand children. also school bags and school lunch. the rest is up to mom and dad.

  18. So far we are trying to stick to a bedtime routine around the same time, stock up on homemade freezer friendly lunch options, do some back to school clothing and supply shopping and soak up the rest of the summer sun! Thanks. This would be an amazing prize pack to win.

  19. athena j graeme

    In our house we are preparing for back to school with a ton of family outings! We got our school list and did our shopping extra early this year. Now we are just trying to cram in as many family adventures as we can get before that bus stops at our door again! So far we’ve gone on vacation, gone camping, learned how to ride a bike, gone to the amusement park, learned how to swim and made fairytale home movies! I’m going to miss her when she goes back to school!

  20. I am looking through all of the store ads for back to school and going through the my kids’ clothes to see what we need for back to school. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  21. Carolyn Barnett

    I have been preparing all summer by shopping at yard sales and store sales. I have yet to get the supplies!

  22. Dale Steele Nicolov

    I have been visiting all the thrift stores and buying my grand children clothes to start back to school.

  23. I’ve managed to get all items on the school list already! And now I’m starting to get my son to go to bed a little earlier each night.

  24. I am checking to see what supplies we need and started forming a BTS list. I also bought an instant pot to make mealtime a breeze when school starts.

  25. We’re preparing in my home for BTS by enforcing the bedtime of 9PM, waking up at 6:30. Having breakfast as a family again. Got the school supplies shopping out of the way. Researching Pinterest for fun lunch ideas.

  26. You just reminded me about so many things I need to get and replace! Typically I don’t start back to school shopping until about 2 weeks prior to school starting but I think that might change this year. I like shopping sales but my kids then have less options. Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  27. I am preparing BTS with packing up the big kids and driving them back to College and helping the younger ones by helping their parents purchase their BTS items!

    1. I shop all year long and buy things when I see them on sale. I also check on line for great deals to make sure I’m getting the best deals possible. It gets expensive with 3 kids so getting the best deals saves me money!

  28. Shopping for clothes and school supplies for my kiddos. Making list of needed things and not getting carried away with unnecessary purchases.

  29. Tick talk 3 is brilliant and just what i was looking for since my son will
    be biking to school this year.
    We start by getting used to bedtimes again a week before and look for fun school supplies the weeks leading up.

  30. I can’t believe my kiddo is starting kinder! Im definitely looking into purchasing Mabel labels… and we have been reading all the “starting school” books to prepare … except he says they just make him sad 🙁

  31. I think I am more nervous than my daughter is for her first day of school. We discussed how she will have new teachers this year, and some new friends. We also read some books about going on a school bus. And of course, we are busy with bts shopping. She is so excited for school!

  32. I am buying school uniforms and school supplies each week. This way it costs less instead of buying it all in one day.

  33. Sara and Alfred

    Grade 1 and 9 for us this year, so big starts! We have mostly all we need. Just some lunch items for the first day. We have uniform schools so that was easy for back to school shopping!

  34. Well we have have been doing some tutoring with our son to get him ready for kindergarten and got all our school supplies.

  35. It’s fun to prepare for back to school by buying new sneakers, new comfortable clothes, & lots of school supplies for my granddaughter.

  36. Meech Brikshavana

    This is a great list! Labels are a must when everyone has the same or similar supplies. I just shopped for the kids yesterday and I still need to order labels.

  37. I have done most of the back to school clothes and shoe shopping. We have the supply list done. And actually just trying to enjoy our last few weeks of summer!

  38. Awesome list! I can’t wait to try the Gryph & IvyRose chocolates. Love that you included the Aviator Nation clothes…too often boys get left out of the back to school buying frenzy.

  39. I try and prepare months in advance by shopping deals on clothing, shoes, back packs and other supplies. It helps a lot because I’m not scrambling the week before school starts.

  40. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway! We’re preparing by donating all we can to create more room for fall/winter clothes. We have finished school supplies shopping and just need backpacks! Fingers crossed for my girls to be in the same 3rd grade!

  41. Robyn Bellefleur

    I haven’t even started doing any shopping yet. We have been so busy the last coupe of weeks so no time to get any supplies.

  42. Meredith Brooks

    We are enjoying all the moments we can before BTS. We had a great summer! I haven’t done much yet….they have new clothes & backpacks so far! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. With one teenager still in HS and two grandchildren also in school, being organized and using lists is a must! I help my oldest daughter get supplies, clothes shop, and organize bedrooms for the grandchildren. It’s a hectic time around here LOL

  44. I always buy things throughout the year, then all I have to do is buy a few the kids picked out, and of course–clothes.

  45. I’m a bargain shopper. Other than clothes and shoes, I shop year-round for school-related items. I use coupons, look for deals and plan as far ahead as I can!

  46. I registered online, bought school supplies, went to pick up some additional school info and signed up for pta

  47. I get ready by scoping out sales in the Spring and Summer months. I take advantage of bulk sales so that I’m stocked up for the school year.

  48. We prep for back to school by doing the fun stuff first, aka clothes shopping!! Lol. That’s our favorite. Then we pick out cute backpacks and lunchboxes and alllll the neverending school supplies.

  49. Cassandra Coleman

    We are cutting back on late activities. Getting to bed earlier. Checking sizes for clothes and shoes, then school shopping.

  50. I’m actually a grandparent but very involved with my grandson’s education. We’ve been reading lots of books and practicing writing his name.

  51. As a grandmother, I’m not looking forward to it. I will miss the extra days with the kids. I am helping my daughter with supplies.

  52. kids are telling me what doesnt’t fit anymore, i’m going thru last years school supplies to see what can still be used, and i’m checking out all the sales! its overwhelming

  53. Onyinye Elochukwu

    I love to shop for BTS early so I don’t rush when school is about to start. I make a list and buy them whenever I go to the stores.

  54. Uh this stuff is so cute I would have lived and breathed all of it when I was in school at least my daughter can enjoy!

  55. I Shop a little early to avoid the rush and ordering online as much as possible! I also buy School supplies year round and during sales.

  56. We are in the middle of preparing for BTS by shopping for all the school supplies they need and new cloths..

  57. I’ve been making a list of all of things we need and also purchased one of my kids a winter coat yesterday. Also, just trying to get everything organized!

  58. I’ve been preparing by doing a little bit at a time over a period of time so I’m not rushing around at the last minute! There is so much goodness in this giveaway! Thank you for the chance!

  59. I just found this blog. I love that it’s full of great and helpful information. It’s always fun to find new blogs to read. And what a great giveaway your putting on!

  60. I don’t have children, but if I did I would make sure they have all their school supplies, get them used to going to bed at a specific time, have clothes and everything ready the night before.

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