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Channeling Our Inner Goddess

This week I hosted for the second year in a row, a Flower Crown Making Tutorial. I teamed up with  Southwest Airlines, The Porch located right in the heart of Bryant Park. The event last year was a huge success, so I cannot tell you how excited I was to come back for another year!

Flower Crown Making EventFlower Crown Making Event

The Spring weather here in NYC has been off to a super late start, but luck was on our side and the day turned out to be the one of the warmest days since spring has sprung. This event was free and open to the public, and everyone was welcome including kiddies! We provided guests with all of the tools to make their flower crowns, which included a base, beautiful daisies in three colors, baby’s breath, and ribbons. We also handed out super cute flower sugar cookies to all of the guests. Siella was my little helper that evening and loved every minute of it. She sat and crafted her own crown, while I helped out the crowds with their crafting.

Flower Crown Making EventFlower Crown Making Event Flower Crown Making Event

The Southwest Porch is located near the southern end of the Fountain Terrace, and offers all visitors the perfect spot to relax and recharge. Equipped with swings and lounge furniture, The Porch houses a full bar featuring an extensive, hard to find and locally distilled whiskey list as well as craft beer and adult hot coffee and hot chocolate cocktails. The space also houses a restaurant with burgers, salads and more. That evening they provided visitors with a signature Southwest Porch Refresher made up of gin, watermelon puree, basil and lime for purchase.

Flower Crown Making EventFlower Crown Making Event Flower Crown Making Event Flower Crown Making Event

I absolutely loved seeing everyone’s finished crowns, as there were no two exactly alike. And the best was watching everyone channel their own inner goddess and really get into designing theirs. It’s really a fun project and we actually still have ours from last years crafting that I dried out!

Flower Crown Making EventFlower Crown Making Event Flower Crown Making Event

Last year, I came up with ten reasons why you need to visit the porch and they can be found here. This spring and summer, Bryant Park will also be hosting a weekly activities so be sure to visit the site for more projects like this!

Flower Crown Making Event

Excited to finally welcome spring in NYC, and no better way to do it, than in the heart of Bryant Park! Thank you to everyone who came out and crafted with us!

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13 thoughts on “Channeling Our Inner Goddess”

  1. YES! I taught my daughter to channel her inner goddess from a young age. I grew up being a confident woman, and I wanted her to be the same. And she IS! Mission accomplished!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun time. I would love to do that sometime with my niece. Your daughter looks like she had such a great time spending with you.

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