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Flower Crowns In Bryant Park

Not sure if many city dwellers are aware but since July, Southwest Airlines sponsors an outdoor sanctuary, just next to the Bryant Park fountain called The Porch. This escape of sorts from Midtown is situated on a wooden deck, under a quiet canopy of string lights. Working in conjunction with Southwest, we brainstormed to come up with an activity that could celebrate the kick off of the spring season. Flowers were the first thing to pop in our heads, so we decided to host a Flower Crown Tutorial, right there, in the heart of it all. Having crafted a few floral crowns in my day, I knew this project would help everyone channel their inner goddess.

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Providing sweet serenity and super cute watering hole, the Southwest Porch served as the ideal outdoor venue. Guests relaxed on rocking chairs and picnic tables, chose their favorite flowers and sipped cocktails while getting their craft on. The project was open for all ages, with plenty of moms with their children, friends stopping by after work, tourists and some followers of my blog, who stopped by to say hello. Despite the un-springlike temps, the porch kept us nice and toasty with its ambience and heat lamps.
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The crowns created that evening were all pretty special. Each participant took their time, and no two crowns were alike. Siella worked carefully on hers, while sipping hot chocolate, and greeting just about everyone who stopped by.
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Leaving the Southwest Porch, I kicked myself for not having visited this spot more often, so I came up with a list of 10 reasons why you should visit the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park this spring!

  1. First things first, it’s a bar in the middle of Bryant Park.
  2. Kids are totally welcome.
  3. The beautiful string lights make for the best pictures.
  4. The heat lamps keep it comfortable regardless of what mother nature has going on that day.
  5. It’s the perfect meeting spot for happy hour.
  6. The drinks are yummy, while the hot coco is perfect for the little ones.
  7. Did I mention they serve food?
  8. It’s the perfect escape from hustle and bustle of NYC.
  9. There’s a pit fire.
  10. It’s a great warm up for the many spring and summer activities scheduled in the park.

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I hope our adventure persuades you to experience this backyard setting in the middle of the concrete jungle.

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